DROPS / 93 / 26

DROPS 93-26 by DROPS Design

DROPS Crochet hat in Alaska and boa in Eskimo, Puddel and Vienna.

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Size: one-size
Materials: Alaska
100 g colour no. 49, light beige
and use:
50 g colour no. 15, rose

Drops crochet hook size 6 mm

Not sure which size you should choose? Then it might help you to know that the model in the picture is approx. 170 cm and uses size S or M. If you are making a jumper, cardigan, dress or similar garment, you will find a graphic with the measurements of the finished garment (in cm) at the bottom of the pattern.

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Crochet Gauge: 7 tr on hook size 6 with 1 thread of Alaska and 1 thread of Silke-tweed = approx width 10 cm

Crochet info: Replace the 1st tr on each round with 3 ch. Finish each round with a sl st in the 3rd ch at beginning.

Bind off crochet sts: Crochet 1 tr, but do not make the last “pull through” (= 2 st. on hook), crochet next tr, and pull thread through all sts on hook - you've now dec 1 st.

Lobster sts: A row of lobster sts is a row of dc crochet from the upper side – from left to right.

Hat: Crochet 4 ch on hook size 6 with 1 thread of Alaska and 1 thread of Silke-tweed and form a ring with a sl st.
1st row; Crochet 8 tr in loop.
2nd row; 2 tr in each tr = 16 tr
3rd row: *1 tr in the 1st tr, 2 tr in next tr* repeat from *-* = 24 tr
4th row; *1 tr in the first 2 tr, 2 tr in next tr* repeat from *-* = 32 tr
5th row; *1 tr in the first 3 tr, 2 tr in next tr* repeat from *-* = 40 tr
6th - 8th row; 1 tr in each tr = 40tr
9th row; *Crochet 8 tr, continue to crochet tr no 9 & 10 tog (see explanation above)* repeat from *-* = 36 tr
10th row: Crochet 2 tr in each tr = 72 tr
11th – 13th row: Croichet 1 tr in each tr = 72 tr
14th row: Crochet 1 round in lobster sts – see explanation above. Cut and sew the threads.

Decoration rows: Crochet 2 decoration rows on hook size 6 with silke-tweed as follows, crochet around the 8 row (counted from the top and down) on the hat: 1 dc in the 1st tr on the 8th row, *5 ch. miss 1 tr and 1 dc in the next tr* repeat from *-* to finish row. Crochet the same way on row 9. Cut and sew the threads.


Length: approx 150 cm

Materials: Eskimo
50 g colour no. 09, Old rose
and use: Puddel
50 g colour no. 03, Brown
and use: Vienna:
50 g colour no. 43, Beige

Boa scarf: Draw a “comb” on a piece of cardboard with the correct measures –see fig. 1, and cut it out. Mark the middle with a dotted line.
Wind up approx 20 m of Vienna yarn into a small ball.
Make a loop with the Vienna yarn you just wound up and hold it against the “comb” on the dotted line with the loop pointing down and the yarn thread lying over the edge and behind the “comb” – see fig. 2.
Keep the Vienna loop in place with your thumb and at the same time hold a thread of Vienna (the remaining ball) + Eskimo + Puddel . Now make an “8 loop” around the “comb” as shown in fig.3. Pick up the Vienna loop and hand crochet a ch around the “8 loop” where the Eskimo + Vienna + Puddel threads cross each other in the middle of the “comb”, as follows: Put your thumb and your index finger through the loop pulling the Vienna thread from behind the “comb” through the loop (this makes a new loop). Pull tight. The loop is now pointing up and a ch has been crocheted around the cross point – see fig. 4.
Make another 8 loop as before and now hand crochet again over the cross section. NB: It is important that the Vienna loop and the Vienna thread from the small ball is always kept in position as described above (loop in the front and thread at the back) for the hand crochet. When the “comb” is full, lift off the loops and put the work in front of the “comb”, but put the last “8 loop” you made back onto the comb and continue as before. Make the Boa approx 150 cm or to your desired length. NB: The loops can be quite loose and you can pull them out easily, so we recommend securing your work by sewing backstitches – see fig. 5, with Vienna into the row of ch’s to tighten up the loops. It is important to sew through all the threads if possible.


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