Replace Vienna with Melody

Replace Vienna with Melody

It`s easy to substitute yarn!

Here is a sample that shows how it looks when you substitute 1 strand of DROPS Vienna with 1 strand of DROPS Melody.

Find patterns where you can use this yarn option!

See how easy you can calculate the amount of yarn needed when substituting a yarn.

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Liselotte 24.05.2020 - 09:04:

Drops 82-25, cardigan, den skulle strikkes iDrops Vienna, St 15, det garnet har utgått. Jeg sendte melding fra Rito, om hvilket garn jeg kan bruke istedet, svaret var at jeg kan bruke. Brushed alpakka silk, St 15, De første omgangen skal brukes 2 tråder, men resten skal kun brukes 1 tråd, det blir altfor glest. Hvordan skal jeg lage denne da? Har kjøpt 10 nøsten Brushed alpakka silk og rundpinner St 15? \r\n

Lakshmi 19.07.2017 - 19:43:

Hello I would love to knit the blackberry stitch sweater which called for Vienna yarn. I would love to use the melody yarn but see the # stiches is different. When using Melody, would I follow the patter exactly? Also Melody suggests size 7 needles and Vienna uses a 6 needle - so which would/should I use for this pattern?DROPS 56-13- DROPS Sweater in Vienna in blackberry stitch. Please respond asap

DROPS Design 20.07.2017 - 10:07:

Dear Mrs Lakshmi, "basic" recommanded needles to Vienna was also size 7 mm (see here) but to get the desired fabric for this pattern you required needle size 6 mm - remember to always knit a swatch to adjust the needle size to your own tension, so that you will get the stated tension in the pattern. Happy knitting!

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