Crochet strap

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In this video we show you how to crochet the strap to the pot holder in DROPS 152-39, but it is also used in other DROPS pattern. In this video we crochet 3 sc before we start on the strap.

STRAP: ch 1, * 1 sc in front part of 1st sc from hook, ch 1 *, repeat from *-* until strap measures desired length / what it says in the patterns.

To see a pattern with this strap, see: DROPS 152-39

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Mary 18.11.2019 - 03:15:

She is a good teacher

Mary 18.11.2019 - 03:13:

She is a good teacher

Cicely WULF 26.07.2018 - 13:30:

Nice! I wish I had come across this method a few years ago, instead of doing flimsy hooks with chain-stitches.

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