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Olive Diamonds by DROPS Design

Crochet DROPS stole with square pattern in "BabyMerino".

Tags: lace, scarves, stole,

DROPS design: Pattern no bm-029
Yarn group A
Measurements: Approx. 37 x 140 cm
DROPS BABY MERINO from Garnstudio
250 g colour no 38, olive

DROPS CROCHET HOOK SIZE 3.5 mm – or size needed to get 22 tr in width x 12 rows vertically = 10 x 10 cm.

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Not sure which size you should choose? Then it might help you to know that the model in the picture is approx. 170 cm and uses size S or M. If you are making a jumper, cardigan, dress or similar garment, you will find a graphic with the measurements of the finished garment (in cm) at the bottom of the pattern.

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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in British English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from cm to inches - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in British and American English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in American English, please click here.
See diagram A.1.

Replace first tr at beg of every row with 3 ch, finish row with 1 tr in 3rd ch from beg of previous row.

Crochet 129 ch on hook size 3.5 mm with Baby Merino. Work first row as follows: 1 dc in 2nd ch from hook, * 1 dc in each of the 3 next ch, skip 1 ch *, repeat from *-* until 3 ch remain and finish with 1 dc in each of the last 3 ch = 97 dc on row. Work next row as follows: 3 ch (= 1 tr), then work 1 tr in every dc the entire row = 97 tr. Turn and work 1 more row with 1 tr in every tr from previous row. REMEMBER THE CROCHET TENSION! Work next row as follows - READ CROCHET INFO: Work pattern according to diagram A.1A one time, repeat A.1B 3 times in total and finish with A.1C, i.e. work first row as follows: 3 ch (= 1 tr), 1 tr in each of the next 3 tr, 1 dc in next tr, 6 ch, skip 4 tr, 1 dc in next tr, 6 ch, skip 4 tr, 1 dc in next tr, * 3 tr in next tr, 1 dc in next tr, (6 ch, skip 4 tr, 1 dc in next tr), repeat from (-) 4 times in total *, repeat from *-* 3 times in total, 3 tr in next tr, 1 dc in next tr, 6 ch, skip 4 tr, 1 dc in next tr, 6 ch, skip 4 tr, 1 dc in next tr, 1 tr in each of the last 4 tr. Turn piece and continue pattern according to diagram A.1D. Repeat repetition vertically until piece measures approx. 138 cm (or desired measurements) – finish after one whole repetition vertically. Work next row as shown in diagram A.1E = 97 tr on row. Then work 1 row with 1 tr in every tr, then 1 row dc with 1 dc in every tr. Fasten off. Stole measures approx. 140 cm.


= 1 ch
= 1 dc in st
= 1 dc around ch-space
= 1 tr in st
= 3 ch
= 6 ch
= 4 tr around ch-space
= beg on this row

Yvonne Le Loux 11.05.2019 - 00:32:

Bij mij is de rand waar je mee begint ook lubberig geworden met die 129 lossen opzetten en minderen naar 97. Is dat de bedoeling? Of kan ik beter ook maar beginnen met 97 lossen?

DROPS Design 11.05.2019 kl. 17:47:

Dag Yvonne,

De reden dat je meer lossen opzet welke in de volgende toer geminderd worden, is omdat de meesten de lossenketting veel te strak haken. Wellicht is dat bij jou niet het geval en dan zou je inderdaad beter met 97 lossen kunnen beginnen.

Els Bomhof 28.05.2017 - 07:49:

Ik heb 97 stokjes nu, maar aan de ene kant zitten 3 stokjes en aan de andere kant zitten 4 stokjes. Klopt dit. Is ook wel logisch met 97 stokjes, 97-1 stokje is 96 stokjes. Gedeeld door 32 groepjes van 3 stokjes. Maar waarom aan de ene kant 4 stokjes en aan de andere kant 3 stokjes?

DROPS Design 29.05.2017 kl. 14:42:

Hallo Els, De eerste drie lossen op de toer staat gelijk aan (/vervangt) het eerste stokje, dus je hebt 3 lossen en 3 stokjes = samen 4 stokjes.

Helma Kunst 03.11.2016 - 23:38:

De opzet met 129 l en in de 1e toer minderen naar 97 vasten leverde bij mij een lubberende rand op. Ik ben begonnen met 97 lossen en het patroon verder gevolgd zoals beschreven. Aan het eind wordt ook met 97 vasten geëindigd.

Lauren McRoberts 12.06.2016 - 01:21:

I love the pretty design on this. Please include. I am wondering why there are not more winter crochet scarves?

Joanna Miles 04.06.2016 - 11:33:

This is such a versatile accessory! I would LOVE to make this. In different colours it could complement any outfit, and it looks like you could modify the width easily, to use it as a belt or wrap... Please select this for publication.

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