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Serene by DROPS Design

Knitted baby neck warmer with picot edge in DROPS Karisma. Size 0 - 4 years

Tags: lace, neck warmers,

DROPS design: Pattern no u-060-by
Yarn group B
Size: 0/3 - 6/18 months (2 - 3/4) years
Size in cm: 48/62 - 68/86 (92 - 98/104)
DROPS KARISMA from Garnstudio
50-50 (50-100) g colour no 66, light dusty pink

DROPS STRAIGHT NEEDLES SIZE 4 mm - or size needed to get 21 sts x 42 rows in garter st = 10 x 10 cm.
DROPS MOTHER-OF-PEARL BUTTON w/HOLES, NO 521: 3-3 (4-4) pieces

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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in British English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from cm to inches - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in British and American English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in American English, please click here.
GARTER ST (back and forth on needle):
K all rows. 1 ridge = 2 rows K.

PICOT EDGE (back and forth on needle):
ROW 1 (= RS): K all sts.
ROW 2 (= WS): K until 4 sts remain, work these sts as follows: K 2 tog, 1 YO, K 2 sts in each of the last 2 sts = 2 new sts on row.
ROW 3 (= RS): Slip 1st st as if to K, K 1, psso, K 1 and slip the last st on right needle over the foremost st, 2 sts dec - then K the remaining sts.
ROW 4 (= WS): K all sts.
Repeat rows 1 to 4.

Tighten yarn a little extra when turning in the middle of row to avoid holes.

Cast on 16-22 (30-38) sts on needles size 4 mm with Karisma. Insert 1 marker inside the outermost 4 sts in right side of piece (seen from RS), move the marker upwards when working.
Work in GARTER ST - see explanation above, AT THE SAME TIME work PICOT EDGE over the outermost 4 sts before marker - see explanation above. When garter st has been worked for 2 cm (= button band), work a row with eyelet holes as follows from WS (beg at the top by neck): K 1, * K 2 tog, 1 YO *, repeat from *-* until 1 st remains before marker, K 1 and work picot edge as before (on next row work YOs K, not twisted).
AT THE SAME TIME on 1st row from RS after eyelet holes, work short rows as follows (1st row = RS and continue with picot edge as before):
* Work 6-10 (16-22) sts, turn – READ KNITTING TIP and work back, turn and work 10-14 (20-26) sts, turn and work back, turn and work 2 rows over all 16-22 (30-38) sts, turn and work 10-14 (20-26) sts, turn and work back, turn and work 2 rows over all 16-22 (30-38) sts *, repeat from *-* (1 repetition = 4 rows in neck and 10 rows in bottom edge).
Continue pattern like this AT THE SAME TIME repeat eyelet holes every 5 cm (always from WS and measure at the most narrow). When piece measures 17-22 (22-27) cm on the most narrow part (last row with eyelet holes should be here), work in garter st over all sts for band for 2 cm but after 2-3 rows, cast off for 3-3 (4-4) buttonholes evenly. Upper buttonhole should be approx. 1½-2 cm from the top, and bottom hole approx. 2-3 cm from bottom edge. 1 buttonhole = cast off 1 st and cast on 1 new st on next row over this st. When band is done, cast off.
Sew on buttons.

Bernice 15.01.2019 - 00:03:

Could this pattern be written in the old fashion way? Row 1, row 2? I would like to make it, but this is all so confusing for me, its impossible for me to make this

Agnes 02.09.2017 - 10:22:

Au moment des rangs raccourcis, lorsqu'il est indiqué de tricoter 6 m puis tourner, s'agit-il de 6 m y compris le picot de 4m (soit 6m du bord) ou bien de 6 m après le picot de 4m (soit 10m du bord) ? Merci

DROPS Design 04.09.2017 kl. 10:04:

Bonjour Agnès, les rangs raccourcis se font à 6 m, puis à 10 m du bord - les 4 m de la bordure picot sont comprises dans les rangs raccourcis. Bon tricot!

Marie-perle 11.12.2014 - 04:20:

Super simple se col pour bébé merci

Pamela Skene 07.09.2014 - 21:59:

Searching for assistance on pattern instructions especially section on turning. is there an online video demonstration? thanks.

DROPS Design 08.09.2014 kl. 09:11:

Dear Mrs Skene, you will find below a video showing how to turn when working short rows - another video showing another method to work short rows is available under the tab videos at the right side of the picture. Happy knitting!

Fred 30.05.2014 - 23:18:

Très joli

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