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Crochet dress in DROPS Ice or DROPS Paris. Size children 5 to 14 years.

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Size (years):
5/6 - 7/8 - 9/10 - 11/12 - 13/14
Size in cm:
110/116 – 122/128 – 134/140 – 146/152 - 158/164

Materials: Drops Ice
500-550-600-650-700 g colour no. 03, ice blue
50 g for all sizes colour no. 01, white

DROPS crochet hook size 8 mm or the size needed to obtain the correct crochet tension.

or use: Drops Paris
400-450-500-550-600 g colour no. 29, ice blue
50 g for all sizes colour no. 16, white

DROPS crochet hook size 5 mm or the size needed to obtain the correct crochet tension.

DROPS metal button, silver no. 529: 2 pcs.

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55% Cotton, 45% Acrylic
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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in British English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from cm to inches - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in British and American English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in American English, please click here.
Crochet tension: Ice: 8.5 dc in the width and 10 rows in the height using hook size 8 mm = 10 x 10 cm. Paris: 14 dc in the width x 18 rows in the height using hook size 5 mm = 10 x 10 cm.

Crochet info: Turn each row with a ch

Decreasing tips-1 (for the slope of the side): Dec 1 st each side as follows: Crochet the 2 outer most dc tog. Push hook through the first st and pick up the thread, then push hook through the second st and pick up the thread (= 3 st on hook), make a yo and pull the thread through all 3 sts on hook.

Dec tips ( apply for the armholes and the neck shaping):
Dec as follows at the end of round: Turn when the number of sts equal the number of sts to be dec.
Dec as follows at beg. of round: Crochet sl sts over the number of sts to be dec.

The dress can either be crochet in Drops Ice using hook size 8 mm or in Paris using hook size 5 mm. The number in the () applies to Paris.

Front piece: Crochet loosely 40-42-45-47-49 (66-69-73-77-81) ch – incl 1 ch to turn with using hook size 8 mm (5 mm) with ice blue. Crochet first row as follows: 1 dc in the second ch, *1 dc in each of the following 6 ch skip 1 ch*, repeat from *-* a total of 5-5-6-6-6 (9-9-10-10-11) times, crochet 1 dc in each of the last 3-5-1-3-5 (1-4-1-5-2) ch = 34-36-38-40-42 (56-59-62-66-69) dc. Now crochet 1 dc in each dc – read crochet info.
When the piece measures 15-15-16-16-17 cm dec. 1 dc – see decreasing tips each side on every 7th (4th) cm a total of 4 (6) times = 26-28-30-32-34 (44-47-50-54-57) dc.
When the piece measures 46-48-50-52-54 cm cast off 3 (4) dc each side for the armholes – see decreasing tips. Now cast off 1 dc each side for arm holes on the following 1-2-2-2-3 (3-4-4-5-6) rows =18-18-20-22-22 (30-31-34-36-37) dc.
When the piece measures 50-52-54-56-58 cm crochet only over the 6-6-6-7-7 (11-11-11-12-12 dc each side - the mid 6-6-8-8-8 (8-9-12-12-13) dc = neck line. Continue the to cast off 1 dc towards the neck on every row 1 (2) times = 5-5-5-6-6 (9-9-9-10-10) dc left for the strap.
Crochet until the piece measures 62-65-68-71-74 cm, insert a marking thread (MT) in the piece = mid top shoulder. Continue to crochet – the strap will be sewn to the back piece. When the strap measures 3 cm from the MT inc. 1 dc towards the neck side on each row 1 (2) times = 6-6-6-7-7 (11-11-11-12-12) dc. Cut the thread when the strap measures 6 cm from the MT.

Back piece: Crochet as front piece. Cast off for armholes as done for front piece = 18-18-20-22-22 (30-31-34-36-37) dc. Crochet until the piece measures 56-59-62-65-68 cm, cut the thread.

Assembly: Sew the side seams in the outer most part of the edge to avoid a chunky seam. Sew the straps from the front piece to the back piece. Crochet 1 row of dc around the armholes and the neck line. Sew overcast stitches around the armholes and the neckline with white – the stitches should be sloping from the RS, sew also a row of the same stitches around the waist, i.e. 9-10 cm below the casting off edge for the arm holes.

Crochet decorations: Crochet a ch-row with white approx. 40 cm long. Make a bow and sew it to the mid front piece approx. 2 rows below the overcast stitches.
Do also crochet a buckle to sew onto the back piece in white as follows: crochet 12 (18) ch – incl. a ch to turn with. Crochet 1 dc in each ch, turn with 2 ch, crochet 3 dc in the first dc, 1 dc in each of the next dc until 1 dc left, 3 dc in the last dc.(for Paris now crochet 2 rows with 1 dc in each dc). Turn with 2 ch, crochet the first 3 dc tog. as follows: Push hook through the first dc and pick up the thread, then push hook through the second dc and pick up the thread and then through the third dc and pick up the thread, make a yo and pull the thread thought all 4 loops on hook. Continue to crochet 1 dc in each dc until 3 dc left, crochet these 3 dc tog. as explained earlier for the beginning of row, turn with 1 ch and crochet 1 dc in each of the left dc, cut the thread. Sew the buckle tight at the middle of the back approx. 2 rows below the overcast stitches. Sew a button each end of the buckle.


Cheryl 02.10.2017 - 15:31:

Thank you for posting such a darling dress! It's hard to find one so chic. Love it.

Hilde Lehn 21.07.2015 - 13:55:

Er det noe feil i oppskriften? Finner ikke oppskrift på forstykket da det er delvis skjult av diagrammet på kjolen! Er det mulig å sende over hele oppskriften på e-post? Vil så gjerne hekle denne.... Mvh Hilde Lehn. Smådrops 15-8

DROPS Design 29.07.2015 kl. 13:01:

Hej Hilde, Du finner opskriften på Forstk under Felletips, det står Forstk: Hekle 40-42-45-47-49 xxxx løse lm... God fornøjelse!

Cha 24.05.2014 - 18:02:

Error in the french translation: Erreur dans la traduction française: "A 50-52-54-56-58 cm travailler sur les 6-6-6-7-7 (1-1-1-12-12) ms de chaque côté –les 6-6-8-8-8 (8-9-12-12-13) m centrales = encolure." It's not(1-1-1-12-12) BUT(11-11-11-12-12. Ce n'est pas(1-1-1-12-12) MAIS(11-11-11-12-12).

DROPS Design 26.05.2014 kl. 10:05:

Bonjour Cha et merci, la correction a été faite. Bon crochet!

PEYRELONGUE 24.02.2014 - 14:12:

Pourriez vous me donner en tailles 3 ans merci

Netty Hermans 01.06.2013 - 11:33:

Nu ben ik aan de schourbandjes bezig maar als ik het midden neem kom ik al op 7 cm. Ik snap het niet helemaal,kan iemand mij helpen, verder wordt het erg mooi. Groetjes van Netty.

DROPS Design 04.06.2013 kl. 16:03:

Hoi Netty. Dat begrijp ik - het is namelijk een beetje verkeerd vertaald. Je moet doorhaken tot het bandje een hoogte van 6 cm heeft vanaf de merkdraad - niet totale hoogte. Ik heb het aangepast.

N.hermans 17.03.2013 - 10:40:

Bij het minderen 4x1 om de 4cm.staat een fout.ik haak deze jurk 11,12jaar.iknheb 66 steken , en met minderen nog 58 het patroon staat nog 54 St.over.moet ik nu gewoon doorhakken op mijn 58 St. Vriendelijke groet

DROPS Design 19.03.2013 kl. 22:20:

Je hebt gelijk. Er was een fout in de vertaling. Het moet zijn als volgt: Minder bij een hoogte van 15-15-16-16-17 cm 4 (6) x 1 v aan de weerskanten – lees Tips Minderen op elke 7 (4) cm = 26-28-30-32-34 (44-47-50-54-57) v. Het patroon is aangepast. Bedankt.

Nicole 01.03.2013 - 19:56:

Pourriez-vous m'envoyer les instructions pour ma petite fille de 2 ans

DROPS Design 02.03.2013 kl. 10:43:

Bonjour Nicole, le modèle BabyDrops 20-20 vous conviendrait certainement : en Merino Extra Fine et en taille 2 ans. Bon crochet !

Susan 14.03.2012 - 06:11:

Such a cute little dress in crochet! So rare to find dresses and skirts in crochet. I would not mind at all seeing this dress in a ladies' version.

DROPS Design 14.03.2012 kl. 17:57:

There is an adult version, DROPS 99-14 :) You can find it here:

Drops Design 15.07.2010 - 09:52:

Om du ikke holder heklefastheten maa du gaa opp med pinnestr. Bakstykke og forstykke hekles akurat paa samme maaten.

Lisa 14.07.2010 - 23:57:

Noe må være galt med oppskriften. Jeg hekler nå kjolen i str 5/6 år. Jeg hekler ekstremt stramt, så jeg har vondt i fingrene. Heklefastheten min er ikke iflg oppskrift: jeg har 10 m i bredden, og 11,5 rader i høyden. Jeg holder meg da til oppskriftens bredde på kjolen - såvidt. Samme skjedde da jeg heklet kjolen i str 9/10 år. Bakstykket heklet jeg etter oppskriftens fasthet, men endte da opp med et bakstykke ca 3 cm bredere enn forstykket. Hekler med Ice garn.

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