How to make a tassel

How to make a tassel

It`s easy to make small decorative tassel to dress up hats, mittens, bags and interior. Choose the size and the material that you like. Cut a piece of cardboard into the length that you want on your tassel.

Figur 1: Start in the end and wrap the yarn around the cardboard until you get the required thickness.

Figur 2: Insert a thread between the cardboard and the yarn at the top of the tassel, pull it and make a knot to hold the tassel together.

Figur 3: When you have fasten the tassel you can remove it from the cardboard.

Figur 4: Wrap some yarn several times around at the top of the tassel approx. 1 cm from the top, this way you get a nice little head at the top.

Figur 5: Let the tassel hang from the thread at the top and cut the yarn loops at the end.

Figur 6: You now have a nice little tassel, you can adapt the length by cutting it to fit your project.

You can also see this video for more help

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Mouse 07.10.2020 - 15:20:

I like it

Bianca 23.04.2020 - 14:50:

Hello, I'd like to know if it's possible to make tassels out of an i-chord yarn like Drops Sky.

DROPS Design 24.04.2020 - 10:12:

Dear Bianca, you can make tassels with every kind of yarn, the result will just look different - the video is showing with Eskimo which is thicker than Sky. Happy knitting!

Katia Cruz 19.10.2019 - 10:22:

Eu amei a didatica foi bem feita. Gratidão

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Mulle meldib

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Me gusta mucho su pagina he aprendido mucho sus explicaciones son geniales y muy faciles de seguir felicitaciones DROPS DESIGN. Saludos desde Mexico.

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Dobry den, prosim Vas aky presne material je pouzity na vyrobu strapca vyssie? aj hrubku poprosim. Dakujem

DROPS Design 09.05.2017 - 17:43:

Dobrý den, Petro, modrý střapec na fotkách je z příze DROPS Lace (skupina přízí A), ve video-ukázce pracujeme s přízí DROPS Eskimo (skupina E). Hezký den! Hana

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Hvad slags garn bruger I til at lave ovenstående kvaster i ??? Med venlig hilsen Winnie Juel Mikkelsen

DROPS Design 18.01.2017 - 12:46:

Hej Winnie. De er lavet i DROPS Lace

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