DROPS / 200 / 34

Butterfly Migration Wrap by DROPS Design

Crocheted stole in DROPS Cotton Merino. Piece is crocheted with lace pattern.

Tags: lace, scarves, stole,

DROPS design: Pattern cm-105
Yarn group B

Measurements: approx. 40 cm x 162 cm

DROPS COTTON MERINO from Garnstudio (belongs to yarn group B)
350 g colour 15, mustard

20 treble crochets in width and 10 rows vertically = 10 x 10 cm.

Hook size is only a suggestion! If you have too many stitches on 10 cm switch to larger hook. If you have too few stitches on 10 cm switch to smaller hook.


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50% Wool, 50% Cotton
from 3.40 £ /50g
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Wool Warehouse Direct Ltd
DROPS Needles & Hooks
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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in British English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from cm to inches - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in British and American English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in American English, please click here.



Replace first treble crochet on every row with 3 chain stitches.

See diagrams A.1 to A.6.




Worked back and forth.

Work 94 chain stitches on hook size 3.5 mm with Cotton Merino.
Read CROCHET INFORMATION - Work A.1a over the first 2 chain stitches, repeat A.2a over the next 81 chain stitches (= 13 times in width) and finish with A.3a over the last chain stitch = 81 treble crochets. Continue on A.1b, A.2b and A.3b. REMEMBER THE CROCHET TENSION! When A.1b, A.2b and A.3b have been worked vertically, continue as follows:
Work A.4a over the first 14 stitches, A.5a over the next 50 stitches (= 2 times in width) and finish with A.6a over the last 17 stitches. Continue on A.4b, A.5b and A.6b. When A.4b, A.5b and A.6b have been worked, repeat A.4b, A.5b and A.6b vertically. When piece measures approx. 157 cm, finish after one whole repetition vertically. Then work A.4c, A.5c and A.6c = 81 treble crochets.
Work A.1b over the first 2 stitches, A.2b over the next 78 stitches (= 13 times in width and finish with A.3b over the last stitch = 81 treble crochets. Continue until A.1b, A.2b and A.3b has been worked vertically. Cut and fasten the yarn. Piece measures approx. 162 cm.

This pattern has been corrected. .

Updated online: 30.07.2019
Correction: Work A.1a over the first 2 chain stitches, repeat A.2a over the next 81 chain stitches (= 13 times in width) and finish with A.3a over the last chain stitch = 81 treble crochets.


= this row has already been worked
= 1 chain stitch
= 2 chain stitches
= 3 chain stitches
= 4 chain stitches
= 5 chain stitches
= 6 chain stitches
= 7 chain stitches
= double crochet in stitch
= double crochet around chain space
= treble crochet in stitch
= treble crochet around chain space
= double treble crochet in stitch
= double treble crochet around chain space

Aino Gunnarsen 17.08.2019 - 22:26:

Står fast på oppskriften etter femte rad.

Jo Spicer 14.08.2019 - 20:26:

Hello, can someone please explain row 1 to me? I'm trying to follow your pattern as written in Crochet Now Magazine page 79 and I'm pulling my hair out. It says as follows: "Starting in 4th chain from hook, 1tr, (3tr, miss 1 Ch, 3tr) 13 times, 1tr" I cannot get this instruction to work, no matter what I do. Please tell me how you would work the above instruction stitch by stitch. Thanks, Jo

DROPS Design 15.08.2019 kl. 10:10:

Dear Mrs Spicer, work the 94 chains as shown in first row in diagrams: 3 chain (= 1st tr), 1 tr in 4th ch from hook (= A.1 = 2 tr), then work: *1 tr in the next 3 ch, skip next ch, 1 tr in the next 3 ch*, repeat from*-* (= you get 6 tr in each A.2 worked over 7 ch - read more here), and finish with A.3 = 1 tr in last ch. You have now: 2 tr (incl. 3 ch) + 6 tr x 13 (= 78 tr) + 1 tr = 81 tr. Happy crocheting!

Vicki 08.08.2019 - 00:40:

This are the strangest instructions I have ever seen. Everyone else writes stitch by stitch-this is totally bizarre! Too bad because it looks cute, but not going to try it only to have it come out wrong because the pattern is too confusing :(

DROPS Design 08.08.2019 kl. 10:16:

Dear Vicky, The DROPS patterns are knitted and crocheted by thousands and thousands of people  around the world. We understand however that in certain countries, with different knitting/crochet traditions than Scandinavia, our patterns might be written in a way that differs from what some are used to. But of course we want everyone to understand our patterns, so that’s why we have created an extensive library of tutorial videos as well as step by step lessons that explain how to follow the techniques we use and how to read the diagrams in our patterns. Give them a try!

Kari Brit Hoel 06.08.2019 - 13:18:

Hei, n¨r jeg skal legge opp 94 luftmasker og hekle stav i alle må det bli mer enn 81 staver. Har prøvd å ringe til hjemmet og til dere uten hjelp. Venter på svar.

DROPS Design 09.08.2019 kl. 12:57:

Hej, når du hekler efter diagram A.2 hopper du over den midterste lm. Det vil sige at du hekler 6, hopper over 1, osv. God fornøjelse!

Karen 15.07.2019 - 12:04:

Bonjour Je ne vois pas le point A1c dans le diagramme. Pouvez vous m'éclairer svp ? Merci beaucoup.

DROPS Design 23.07.2019 kl. 19:43:

Bonjour, je vais demander de verifier le modele pour y ajouter le diagramme A.1c. Merci de nous le communiquer. Bon crochet!

Benoit 19.05.2019 - 16:51:

Heel leuk patroon goede uitleg zalig om te haken :)

Katarina Fox 03.02.2019 - 20:39:

Solsikke er et fint navn. Eller sommer, sol og sommer.

Anne Lise Herbots 16.12.2018 - 09:34:

Ideaal treinprojectie.

Laura Waterfield 14.12.2018 - 11:55:

This is exactly what I have been looking for. all the rest are triangular.

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