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Crochet DROPS shawl with lace pattern in ”Brushed Alpaca Silk”.

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DROPS design: Pattern no as-028
Yarn group C or A + A
Measurements: Width at top: approx. 150 cm Height mid back: 75 cm
75 g colour no 02, light grey

DROPS CROCHET HOOK SIZE 5 mm – or size needed to get pattern (1 tr + 4 ch) 4 times in width x 6 rows = 10 x 10 cm.

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Not sure which size you should choose? Then it might help you to know that the model in the picture is approx. 170 cm and uses size S or M. If you are making a jumper, cardigan, dress or similar garment, you will find a graphic with the measurements of the finished garment (in cm) at the bottom of the pattern.

77% Alpaca, 23% Silk
from 2.60 £ /25g
DROPS Brushed Alpaca Silk uni colour DROPS Brushed Alpaca Silk uni colour 2.60 £ /25g
Wool Warehouse Direct Ltd
DROPS Needles & Hooks
You can get the yarn to make this pattern from 7.80£. Read more.

Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in British English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from cm to inches - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in British and American English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in American English, please click here.
See diagram A.1, diagram shows ROW 1-4 on shawl.

Worked back and forth from mid back and down. Work according to diagram A.1, i.e. work as follows:
Work 6 ch on hook size 5 mm with Brushed Alpaca Silk and form 1 ring with 1 sl st in 1st ch.
ROW 1: Work 4 ch, 3 tr + 3 ch + 4 tr in ch-ring. Turn piece.
ROW 2: 5 ch, 4 dtr in space between 1st and 2nd tr, 4 ch, 3 tr + 3 ch + 3 tr in first ch-space (= middle of shawl), 4 ch, 4 dtr in ch after last tr. Turn piece.
ROW 3: 5 ch, 4 dtr in space between 1st and 2nd tr, 4 ch, 1 tr in first ch-space, 4 ch, 3 tr + 3 ch + 3 tr in next ch-space (= middle), 4 ch, 1 tr in next ch-space, 4 ch, 4 dtr in ch after last tr. Turn piece.
ROW 4: 5 ch, 4 dtr in space between 1st and 2nd tr, 4 ch, 1 tr in first ch-space, in same ch-space inc by working 4 ch and 1 tr, work 4 ch, in next ch-space work 1 tr and 4 ch, in next ch-space work 3 tr + 3 ch + 3 tr (= middle), in next ch-space work 4 ch and 1 tr, in next ch-space work, 4 ch, 1 tr, in same ch-space inc by working 4 ch and 1 tr, work 4 ch and 4 dtr in ch after last tr. Turn piece. REMEMBER THE CROCHET TENSION!

Repeat 3rd and 4th row (repeat 4th row without inc and with inc alternately), but on every row there will be 1 tr and 4 ch more on each side of the middle in outer edge of shawl, but on every row where 4th row is repeated with inc there will be 2 tr and 4 ch more in each side in outer edge of shawl. When piece measures approx. 70 cm measured in the middle, work 3 rows where 1 tr in ch-space is replaced with 3 tr in every ch-space. Fasten off.


= 1 ch
= 1 tr in ch-space below
= 1 dtr in space between 1st and 2nd tr or 1st ch and 1st tr
= 1 sl st
= here inc 1 extra tr and 4 ch in ch-space (repeat inc alternately when this row is repeated)

Duquesarj 06.09.2019 - 14:25:

Muito obrigada....esclarecedor suas explicações...

Alma Vázquez 06.02.2019 - 10:30:

De nuevo muchas gracias...todo está muy entendido... y refuerzo la enseñanza con el video...muchísimas gracias...éxitos.

Maria Tereza 19.01.2019 - 23:04:

Parabens!! por este trabalho k achei lindo ...mas gostava de saber como fazer canto para xaile com esta malha fazendo as laterais mais longas ..obrigada

Sabine 16.12.2015 - 20:54:

Bonjour Drops, pour les augmentations à partir du 6ème rangs, est-ce toujours dans le 1er arceau du tour ? et y-a-il seulement 1 augmentation par rang ? Merci

DROPS Design 17.12.2015 kl. 10:26:

Bonjour Sabine, au rang 6, on augmente 2 fois: 1 fois dans le 1er arceau et 1 fois dans le dernier arceau - au rang 8, on ne va pas augmenter: on augmente ainsi 1 fois sur 2 quand on répète le rang 4 (= tous les 4 rangs). Bon crochet!

Benedetta 17.07.2015 - 12:15:

Grazie,adesso ho capito!Bravissime e velocissime,(come sempre)

Benedetta 16.07.2015 - 22:24:

Buonasera,ho finito il 4 giro.Adesso devo rip il 3 giro e non ho capito se devo aumentare sempre alla 4 riga.Anche se ho guardato il video non ho capitoGrazie

DROPS Design 17.07.2015 kl. 08:35:

Buongiorno Benedetta. Deve aumentare una volta sì e una no. Quindi, avendo aumentato alla riga 4, alla riga 6 non deve lavorare questa parte di istruzioni: nello stesso arco di cat aumentare lavorando 4 cat e 1 m.a; alla riga 8 lavora la riga come è scritta nel modello (quindi aumenta), è così via. Buon lavoro!

Carmen Mellone 18.11.2014 - 00:14:

Vorrei fare questo modello in big delight. ..quanto me ne occorre?

DROPS Design 18.11.2014 kl. 10:59:

Buongiorno Carmen. Per sostituire il filato indicato con uno dello stesso gruppo di filati, deve calcolare i metri complessivi necessari con il filato indicato e dividerlo per i metri di un singolo gomitolo del filato scelto. In questo caso: 140 m (1 gomitolo di Brushed AlpacaSilk) x 3 gomitoli necessari = 420 metri : 190 (metri in un gomitolo di Big Delight) = 2,21 quindi 3 gomitoli necessari. Trova ulteriori informazioni su come sostituire i filati al punto 5 della seguente pagina . Buon lavoro!

Andrea 13.09.2014 - 16:56:

On the last three rows (dc 3 in the ch spaces), how many ch between each group of 3 dc? If I do 4 ch, it makes a ruffly edge. In the photo, however, the scarf appears to lay flat.

DROPS Design 15.09.2014 kl. 09:17:

Dear Andrea, the video below shows how to crochet the lace pattern following the diagram, it should help you to crochet these 3 rows. Happy crocheting!

Larraine 19.08.2014 - 17:47:

On the increase row - is it always into the first and last chain ring of the row? This seems to curve the shawl down. have I misunderstood the increases

DROPS Design 20.08.2014 kl. 12:13:

Dear Larraine, the video below should help you to understand how to crochet the shawl. Happy crocheting!

Caterina 30.07.2014 - 14:39:

Buongiorno, come faccio a calcolare quanto filato mi occorre se realizzo questo progetto con PARIS invece che con Brushed alpaca silk? mi sono avanzati due gomitoli di Paris da un precedente lavoro e volevo utilizzarli per questo scialle. grazie

DROPS Design 30.07.2014 kl. 19:28:

Buonasera Caterina, Brushed Alpaca Silk ha una resa di 140 m/25g; il modello richiede 75g, quindi circa 420m. Paris ha una resa di 75m/50g, per cui 420m sono 5,6 gomitoli di Paris, quindi 6 gomitoli. Buon lavoro!!!

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