Gdzie szukać pomocy do wzorów DROPS?

Gdzie szukać pomocy do wzorów DROPS?

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Komentarze (118)

Linda Hapgood wrote:

I am working on pattern 103-10, Long DROPS socks. I have finished the top cuff and in the photo it shows a cable, M.1, going up the side of the sock along with the M.2 pattern in the front. I can’t understand where the M.1 pattern in sock is worked. The pattern states, when you start the sock part, P the first 21 (the size I’m making) then the M.2 chart, then p the last 21 sts. My question, is there a M.1 cable up the side and how do I do it. Thank you.

28.11.2022 - 15:33:

DROPS Design answered:

Dear Mrs Hapgood, M.1 is only worked on top of socks, for the ribbing edge, that you will then fold to continue on the other side (so that M.1 is visible from RS when folded down), and then you work M.2 on the middle on front side of sock, and all remaining stitches (including back side of sock, towards calf) will be purled. Happy knitting!

29.11.2022 - 11:34:

Pauline Sparkes wrote:

I have been crocheting and knitting pattern 100-30 Jazzy Top, with Drops cotton light. Despite having the correct number of stitches and following the chart, I cannot get the body section knitted pattern to work correctly.\\r\\nI have started and unpicked 5 or more times I have used Drops charts before but this one has me baffled.\\r\\nPlease advise.

28.11.2022 - 11:59:

DROPS Design answered:

Dear Mrs Sparkes, make sure you are getting the correct number of yarn overs / decreases when working the wave pattern, adding a marker between each M.1 might help you to check and keep the correct number of sts, for ex in each M.1 on row 4 you should have 6 decrease + 6 yarn overs = still 17 sts in each M.1. Happy knitting!

29.11.2022 - 11:32:

Marina wrote:

Drops 85-23 Ist beim Anschlag der Maschen eine Randmasche eingerechnet? Beginnt das Muster mit Randmasche? Wird Vorder- und Rückenteil so gestrickt, dass am Ende der Pullover auf einer Seite zusammengenäht wird?

26.11.2022 - 19:29:

DROPS Design answered:

Liebe Marina, es gibt beim dem Pullover keine Randmaschen, da der Pullover in der Runde gestrickt wird, dh Rumpfteil stricken Sie in der Runde bis zum Armlöcher, dann stricken Sie die beide Ärmel, dann stricken Sie die Passe in der Runde bis zum Halsausschnitt (dann stricken Sie weiter in Hin- und Rückreihen). Viel Spaß beim stricken!

28.11.2022 - 11:17:

Dominique Groleau wrote:

Je ne comprends pas le diagramme du modèle drop 102-14. Notamment les 2 dernières légendes: - glisser la m suiv à l'end, 3 m end, passer la...... - cette maille n'existe pas sur ce rang Comment passer la maille glissée par drssus lq m tricotée alors qu'on vient d'en tricoter 2? Merci pour vos explications.

25.11.2022 - 23:41:

DROPS Design answered:

Bonjour Mme Groleau, M.1 se tricote (en rond) sur 3 mailles et 4 rangs ainsi: 1er rang (sur l'endroit): glissez 1 m à l'end, tricotez les 2 m suivantes à l'endroit puis passez la maille glissée par-dessus les mailles tricotées (il reste 2 mailles sur l'aiguille). Au 2ème rang, tricotez 1 m end, 1 jeté, 1 m end (vous avez de nouveau 3 mailles), Au 3ème + 4ème rang, tricotez les 3 m à l'endroit. Bon tricot!

28.11.2022 - 11:15:

Daphne wrote:

Drops design so 360 a - balaclava Once the 19 stitches are put on a thread it states this is mid front. Then place a marker in the middle of the row which = mid back. Then knit across 78 stitches. What happens to the 19 stitches on the thread? It appears to leave a small hole if you knit across all the stitches

25.11.2022 - 14:22:

DROPS Design answered:

Dear Daphne, maybe you could tell us which pattern you are working on? I feel sorry, i cannot find it. Thanks for your comprehension.

25.11.2022 - 16:33:

Nora McGrann wrote:

Hi! I am knitting pattern DROPS 74-3…1st SIZE Can you help with the following instructions for the BACK of the cardigan.. “ when piece measures 8 cm inc 1st at each side every 5cm a total of 4 times “ The 8cm and 5cm are confusing..Do I just use the 5cm 4 times…why use 8cm and 5cm in the same instruction? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you….Nora x

23.11.2022 - 21:59:

DROPS Design answered:

Dear Mrs McGrann, when piece measures 8 cm start increasing, then increase one more time when piece measures 13 cm (8 + 5 extra cm), then when piece measures 18 (= 13 + 5 extra cm), then when piece measures 23 cm (18 + 5 extra cm) - all increases are now done. Happy knitting!

24.11.2022 - 09:50:


Which is the left sleeve is it looking from the front or back of the garment? I am knitting a bottom up jumper in the round and I am not sure where to start my round now I have put my sleeves on to the needle with the body. Thank you

18.11.2022 - 11:43:

DROPS Design answered:

Dear Mrs Newitt, when we describe the left sleeve, it's the left sleeve when garment is worn - mayb you can tell us which pattern you are working on? It might be easier for us to check together with you and help you furthermore. Happy knitting!

18.11.2022 - 15:49:

Tena Britts wrote:

Hi, I have a question about the Forest flower pot holder.How do you work in the stitches to make it 120 sts? And 2 is it worked in the round or on 2 needles??

16.11.2022 - 23:06:

DROPS Design answered:

Dear Mrs Britts, this potholder is worked in the round on a circular needle - find how to increase evenly here - and find how to adapt a pattern onto straight needles here if it can help. Happy knitting!

17.11.2022 - 10:35:

Marlies wrote:

Hello there, hopefully you can help me. I have a question about pattern #194-33. I have done the basic row which was 5dc skip one chain. Now I should start the diagram, row one.. ok.. 3 chains for A1, and then+ 2chains and skip one dc to start A2 ? or do I just do the 3 chains from A1, skip 1 dc and then repeat 5chains skip 2 dc to the end for A2? So basically I need help in the beginning and ending of the A2 part. Thank you!

16.11.2022 - 21:01:

DROPS Design answered:

Dear Marlies, you need the 3 chains for A.1 (= first stitch at the beg of row), then work A.2 starting with 2 chains - at the end of 2nd row, you will crochet the stitch in A.1 in the 3rd chain from beg of row 1. When working A.2 you will work (2 ch, skip 1 st, 1 sc in next st, 5 ch, skip 2 sts, 1 sc in next st, 2 ch, skip 1 st) and repeat from (to). Happy crocheting!

17.11.2022 - 10:30:

Rachel Parker wrote:

Mi piacerebbe avere il tutorial del basco victoriana grazie

15.11.2022 - 23:05:

DROPS Design answered:

Buonasera Rachel, a quale modello sta facendo riferimento? Buon lavoro!

16.11.2022 - 21:44:

Sharron D Kennard wrote:

On pattern # 35-19, how is the off row (not the pattern row) worked? Purl across? Obviously, this is the 1st Drops pattern I've ever tried.

06.11.2022 - 15:17:

DROPS Design answered:

Dear Sharron, all rows are explained in the pattern. The rows from the wrong side are worked opposite than seen in the diagram and read from left to right. The blank square is knitted from the RS and purled when working from the WS. The black square is purled from the RS and knitted when working from the WS. Happy knitting!

06.11.2022 - 23:07:

Maura McFall wrote:

I'm just starting the Quartier latin tunic w 676 but am not recognising some of the symbols on the charts. Can you advise what the first to dashes mean on row 1 this : thank you.

06.11.2022 - 12:56:

DROPS Design answered:

Dear Maura, which chart do you have problems with? It's better to ask in the comment section of the pattern so that we may answer more swiftly. You can check how to read crochet diagrams in the following lesson: Happy crocheting!

06.11.2022 - 23:12:

Colleen Groenewald wrote:

Good day ,thank you so much for this beautiful pattern of the christening charming dress . I am on row 2 with dress and I am stucked . Referring to the chart the symbol * = this round described in text . I'm reading through crochet info no luck . I do know it's chain sts but how many ? And what is the 🌟 simbolize. Thanking you , much appreciated Colleen

02.11.2022 - 12:59:

DROPS Design answered:

Dear Mrs Groenewald, the star symbol (=1st symbol under diagram key) applies when you start to crochet the diagrams, ie start with row 1 and not with the row with a star, this row with a star just shows the stitches from previous row so that you know how/where to crochet the stitches on 1st row in the diagram (this applies to A.1A and A.2A.) Happy crocheting!

02.11.2022 - 16:07:

Kylie White wrote:

Hi I’ve just started the Mystic River and don’t quite understand pattern. After first P row the next row is K3 M1 (9 stitches only) M2 (9 stitches only) M1 (9stiches only) M2 (9stiches only) M1 (9 only) K1 Then next row is the second line of pattern so all K or P. What does the star and arrows mean on M1?

29.10.2022 - 02:42:

DROPS Design answered:

Dear Kylie, in the front pieces, when you are finishing the piece, you adjust so that last row is the row marked with the arrow (then you insert a marker and finish the pieces as stated). The star marks the last row to be worked in the last repeat of M.1 for the back. can find them indicated in their respective sections of the pattern. Happy knitting!

30.10.2022 - 20:22:

Elin Kallestrup wrote:

Hej Jeg er igang med med at strikke model u-652 og skal til at sy ærmerne i, hvordan skal jeg gøre det? Da jeg synes ærmegabet er alt for stort i forhold til ærmet, jeg har gjort som der står i opskriften Mvh Elin Kallestrup

28.10.2022 - 18:40:

DROPS Design answered:

Hei Elin. Har du de målene du ser på målskissen, både til bolen og til erme? Når du har de samme målene kan du ta en titt på denne videoen om hvordan montere ermet til en glattstrikket genser Montering: Sy ærmet i en glatstrikket bluse mvh DROPS Design

31.10.2022 - 08:11:

Viera wrote:

Prosím vás ako mám rozumieť číslam v návode napr (34)37-44-48-52(55-62) ok alebo vo výške (9)12-16-16-17(20-23) cm

26.10.2022 - 18:46:

Cathy Browning wrote:

I am working on 812 Seaman sweater. I am on sleeve. I am ready to start M2 diagram. I have 73 stitches on needles and the diagram is in increments of 12. This is making my pattern off by one stitch each row. I have knit it and pulled it out. The only resolution I can come up with is is to decrease by 1 to start with 72 stitches at this point. Can you offer an explanation why I would be starting with an odd number as indicated in pattern? I am very confused.

25.10.2022 - 16:11:

DROPS Design answered:

Dear Mrs Browning, you should here place one repeat of M.2 on the upper side of the sleeve, ie center M.2 so that the stitch with the arrow in diagram will be the middle stitch on top of sleeve - this lesson explains how to do that - the pattern will not fit mid under sleeve, you will just have to work the new stitches when increasing mid under sleeve following the diagram (as en extention to the diagram both to the right (at the beg of the round) and to the left (at the end of the round). Happy knitting!

26.10.2022 - 08:24:

Cathy Browning wrote:

I am still on sleeve. I am reading to start M2 diagram. I have 73 stitches on needles and the diagram is in increments of 12. This is making my pattern off by one stitch each row. I have knit it and pulled it out. I am ready to decrease by 1 to start with 72 stitches at this point. Can you offer an explanation why I would be starting with an odd number as indicated in pattern? I am very confused.

25.10.2022 - 14:24:

DROPS Design answered:

Dear Mrs Browning, could you please tell us which pattern you are working on or simply write your question at the bottom of the pattern page? This would help us to check and help you. Thanks for your comprehension. Happy knitting!

25.10.2022 - 16:05:

Carolyn Primmer wrote:

I previously stated I was working on the decreases but I meant increases.

25.10.2022 - 00:38:

Carolyn Primmer wrote:

I'm working on the decreasing for the sleeves and the pattern of k6 p6 is not working out. What am I doing wrong?

25.10.2022 - 00:31:

DROPS Design answered:

Dear Mrs Primmer, can you please tell us which pattern you are working on or ask your question in the section at the bottom of this pattern, so that we could check together and help you. Thanks for your comprehension. Happy knitting!

25.10.2022 - 09:25:

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