Diagramma A.3 in DROPS 165-8

In questo video DROPS vi mostriamo come lavorare il diagramma A.3 per il vestito in DROPS 165-8. In questo video abbiamo già lavorato i ferri 1-11.

NOTA - dovrete anche leggere il modello per essere in grado di seguire.

Per vedere il modello, vedere: DROPS 165-8

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Melissa Meiresonne 05.09.2016 - 16:51:

I need help with first 11 rows very confusing got so far with the 88 stitches but after that I can\'t figure it out can you help already bought the yarn.

DROPS Design 06.09.2016 - 08:53:

Dear Mrs Meiresonne, after the 2 ridges and 1 row K inc evenly to 88 sts, you will now start raglan (A.1 = raglan lines), inc before and after each A.1 (= 8 sts inc for raglan) - Read more about diagrams here. Continue like this but next inc for raglan will be made differently on body and on sleeve, ie on some rounds you will inc only after/before A.1 on front/back pieces or oly before/after A.1 on sleeve (4 sts inc per round) - and on some rounds you will inc 8 sts per round as on 1st round. Happy knitting!

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