How do I read the diagrams that come with the patterns?

How do I read the diagrams that come with the patterns?
Please read the diagrams as follows: Begin in the lower right-hand corner and work towards the left. In some patterns, an arrow under the diagram indicates the starting point for this particular pattern. All diagrams are seen from the right side and 1 square represents 1 row x 1 st, unless otherwise stated. The English explanations to the symbols are indicated in the pattern itself and the explanations follow the order of the equal symbols (=) in the diagram. I.e., if the first symbol in the Scandinavian diagram says: ¦ = ret fra retten, the explanation in the translated pattern will be the first equal symbol: = knit from right side.

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Kat 16.01.2019 - 04:31:

Hello,\r\nI\'m knitting the Raspberry Wrap 165-4. Increase tip 1 says to K YOs on next rows to make holes. Do I continue this throughout the pattern and knit every YO on the wrong side even when it is a purl row? Or do I purl through the YO of that is the next row of the pattern?

DROPS Design 16.01.2019 - 09:23:

Dear Kat, in this pattern the increase tip-1 applies to the first part of the shawl, ie until there are 57 sts. Then work YOs as shown in diagram - when you increase evenly, work the YOs as under Increase tip-2 (on the last row from WS in A.1-A.3 for example). Happy knitting!

Rina Wells 27.12.2018 - 06:08:

Hi I'm from Australia and just starting DROPS design: Pattern no cl-063. When starting a chart do I start on the bottom row and read all rows on chart from right to !eft? Thank you for lovely pattern😃

DROPS Design 02.01.2019 - 12:51:

Dear Mrs Wells, yes, correct, you start reading diagrams from the bottom corner on the right side towards the left - and read all WS rows from the left towards the right. Happy knitting!

Evelyne 04.12.2018 - 18:27: Website https://www.garnstud ...

Hallo, ich bin kein Strickanfänger und dennoch bin ich nicht in der Lage eure Strickanleitung zu lesen. Ich komme nicht mal über das Bündchen hinaus. Es handelt sich um die Herrenstrickjacke "Marcel" Bitte DRINGEND um Hilfe!

DROPS Design 05.12.2018 - 09:05:

Liebe Evelyne, ich habe diese Anleitung leider nicht gefunden, können Sie vielleicht Ihre Frage in diesem Modell stellen?

Sean 12.11.2018 - 09:05:

First time to knit from diagram, DROPS 116-29. There are two Diag M1(4 st across x 5 vertical) and M2 (9 st across x 12 vertical). Description states knit M.1, P2, M.2,P2 until 29cm - I start at R1 (bottom Rht-to Lft) and knit M1 (4 across) the P2 and M2 (9 across) and P2, then start at Row 2 (bottom LFt to Rht) & so forth. QUESTION - M1is 5 vertical and M2 is 12 vertical so what happens in R6? Do I start again in R1 for M1 and continue R6 of M2, if so what do I do in R11 and 12?

DROPS Design 12.11.2018 - 11:35:

Dear Sean, you read diagrams from the right towards the left as you described every round (= when working in the round you are working from RS, so you read all rows in diagram from the right towards the left) - when M.1 has been worked 1 time in height, repeat the diagram from row 1 while working next row in M.2 - when M.2 has been worked once in height, repeat from row 1. Both diagrams are worked at the same time but have different number of rows in height to repeat. Happy knitting!

Helle Jensen 30.08.2018 - 16:50:

Jeg er lige gå i gang med Drops baby 10-12. Når man når til M1 og m2 er vrangpinden så nr 2 p i mønsteret eller vises der kun retsinden i mønsteret vh Helle

DROPS Design 11.09.2018 - 16:05:

Hej Helle, ja det stemmer, hver 2.pind i diagrammet strikkes fra vrangen. God fornøjelse!

Vania Wengel 03.05.2018 - 21:16:

I’m doing pattern 166-11 (the sigrid jacket) . When looking at the pattern chart, do you start with row 1 ( which is right side) what do I do for the second row ( wrong side)if chart is only the right side?

DROPS Design 04.05.2018 - 09:25:

Dear Mrs Wengel, diagrams show all rows ie both from RS and from WS - seen from RS. Start reading diagram at the bottom corner on the right side from RS and read from right to left, from WS read diagrams from left to right. Happy knitting!

Chantal 12.03.2018 - 03:12:

Bonjour tellement longtemps que j'ai tricoter ma question est pour faire le tour du tricot je répète sur diagramme ex un pul je revien sur l'autre ligne plus haut je comprend pas

DROPS Design 12.03.2018 - 11:26:

Bonjour Chantal, en règle générale et sauf indication contraire dans les explications, on commence à lire le diagramme en commençant en bas à droite et on lit tous les rangs sur l'endroit de droite à gauche et ceux sur l'envers de gauche à droite. Quand on tricote en rond, on lit tous les rangs du diagramme de droite à gauche. Bon tricot!

Mandy 15.02.2018 - 17:38:

Hallo, ich will Muster 156-55 stricken, bin aber absolute Anfängerin und verstehe diese Diagramme nicht. Könnt ihr mir das einfach erklären? Vielen Dank

DROPS Design 16.02.2018 - 10:12:

Liebe Mandy, in jedem Diagram ist 1 Kästchen = 1 M x 1 Rd/Reihe, beginnen Sie an der untere Ecke auf der rechten Seite und lesen von rechts nach links alle Runde (= wenn Sie in der Runde stricken) bzw alle Hinreihen. Wenn Sie in Reihen stricken lesen Sie die Rückreihen von links nach rechts. Viel Spaß beim stricken!

Steph Blair 31.12.2017 - 10:34:

I\'m trying Pattern u-812, winter sunshine. I think I understand how to read the diagrams now, but not sure where to work in the increases. Pattern for row 1 of the yoke says \'Work A.1 (= 2 treble crochets) over the first 14-14-16-17-18-18 treble crochets and increase 2-2-2-3-4-4 treble crochets evenly (= half back piece).\\\'. Where should I put the increases if I'm doing the latest size?

DROPS Design 08.01.2018 - 10:43:

Dear Mr Blair, you will increase evenly (see here) 4 sts over the 18 treble crochets. Happy crocheting!

Laura Villaseñor 22.12.2017 - 21:44:

Hello, I'm from Mexico, city. I'm trying to knit the 166-10, drops design; although it seems very easy I don't understand the diagram. I thought it was stockinette st., but the diagram isn't clear enough.

DROPS Design 02.01.2018 - 11:54:

Dear Mrs Villaseñor, diagram is worked over 2 sts and 2 rows, start reading from RS from the bottom corner on the right side and read from the right towards the left, ie Row 1: K2 and read WS rows from the left towards the right, ie Row 2: K1, P1. Happy knitting!

Debbie 13.12.2017 - 23:24:

Good evening I am starting your 158-21 scarf and on your diagrams A6 has an arrow and A2 are they the only ones worked starting from the arrow? All others are worked from bottom right to left? Also some graphs only show right side ie 1,3,5 do yours read that way as well? Thank you so much

Beverly Rahm 25.11.2017 - 16:35:

I am working the Sea Glass circle jacket pattern no me-080. In A2 the 5th row chain 3 begins further in from the other rows. Can you please explain how I get to that stitch?

DROPS Design 27.11.2017 - 11:26:

Dear Mrs Rahm, at the end of 4th row, crochet 1 sl st then 3 ch for the beg on 5th row, then crochet around the first ch-space, you will get then the same as in diagram. Happy crocheting!

Laura 12.11.2017 - 12:26: Website ...

Goedemiddag ik heb een vraag over patroon Drops 169-9Ik snap er niks van , begint het patroon van af de schouders naar beneden ?Mijn vraag kan dit patroon (en andere) ook eenvoudiger geprint/uitgelegd worden ?\Zodat analfabeten zoals ik toch kunnen breien ?Ik denk dat vele met mij dan meer zouden gaan breien of de stap durven nemen 😉\Mvg Laura

Cheryl Favreau 17.10.2017 - 03:48:

I'm working on the warm hug 124-3. Do you repeat the patterns on m2 to m4? On m1 1 time

DROPS Design 17.10.2017 - 11:49:

Dear Mrs Favreau, in squares 2 to 4, repeat diagrams in height until you reach the stated measurements, ie: " until square measures approx 1 cm / 3/8'' less than square 1". Happy knitting!

Elizabeth 28.09.2017 - 18:42:

On the M.2 chart for Drops Baby 11-30 christening gown - I am not sure I understand what is means by (knit sts not fitting into row of holes in stockinette sts)

DROPS Design 29.09.2017 - 09:16:

Dear Elizabeth, when knitting M.2 in this pattern repeat the row with holes over the number of given sts but on the row of holes, knit the last st if you cannot repeat (K2 tog,YO) all the row. Happy knitting!

Elizabeth 28.09.2017 - 18:02:

I am knitting Drops Baby 11-30 Christening Gown. On the charts is M. considered M1? it seems longer than the picture shows. I understand knitting right to left from the bottom but do I go Left to right for all wrong side rows? Also, is the beginning of the chart the 17 stitches end or the long row?

DROPS Design 02.10.2017 - 13:12:

Dear Elisabeth, M. in diagram is for monster in Norwegian, ie M.1 is diagram name as M.1 to M.7 are called. Happy knitting!

Bea 18.09.2017 - 00:25:

Hey there! I'm a new knitter and I'm working on the 135-26 sweater and I just can't get the M.1 pattern right. I'm on the WS on my first row and reading from the bottom right corner. Should I YO + sl stitch at the beginning of my first row? And also, after I finish the 6 stitches should I repeat them or should I go to the next row of 6 stitches?

DROPS Design 19.09.2017 - 09:26:

Dear Bea, in this pattern start reading diagram on 1st row from RS, from bottom corner on the right side, ie 1st row will be worked from RS (YO+slip 1 as if to K, P1), repeat from (to) all the row, ie when the 6 sts in diagram have been worked, repeat from 1st st. On 2nd row (= from WS), work the black dot K from WS and P tog YO and slipped st. Happy knitting!

Anna Post 17.09.2017 - 22:47:

Jammer dat ik geen antwoord krijg op mijn vraag! Ik zie dat dat meestal wel goed gaat, snap niet waarom ik geen reactie krijg!

Anna Post 08.09.2017 - 12:43:

Ben net begonnen met Drops 179-2 en ben onervaren met telpatronen. Eerste patroonnaald heb ik gebreid van rechtsonder naar links: A1a, A2a,A2b,A2c en A1b (zoals in het patroon staat) Mijn vraag: Moet ik nu voor de tweede naald die volgorde andersom doen, dus A1b, A2c,A2b,A2a en A1a, en dan van links naar rechts tellen, of gewoon dezelfde volgorde als de eerste naald, en dan van links naar rechts of (derde optie) zelfde volgorde als 1e naald en weer van rechts naar links??

DROPS Design 06.11.2017 - 15:49:

Hallo Anna, Ja dat klopt inderdaad, je begint aan de goede kant onderaan het telpatroon van rechts naar links te lezen en de teruggaande naald op de verkeerde kant lees je andersom, dus van links daar rechts. Bij de hokjes staat waar je recht op de goede kant en averecht op de verkeerde kant etc, breit.

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