How to put a sleeve together with front and back piece (knitted back and forth)

In this DROPS video we show how to put a sleeve that is worked back and forth on a round needle together with front and back piece.

When you knit on a circular needle and should knit raglan or round yoke, start to knit front and back until armholes. On next round bind off 4 sts for armhole each side (or number of sts told in pattern). Now knit the sleeves, then bind off 2 sts each side (or number of sts told in pattern) for sleeve cap. Then put sleeve sts on the same circular needle where sts where bound off for armhole each side.

In the video we show a front and back piece where we have bound off for arm hole at the side, and then how to work the sleeve sts on to the same circular needle. The sleeve has been worked back and forth on needle.

You must read the pattern to be able to follow. You’ll find patterns using this technique by clicking on the pictures below.

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Angela Lucari 11.01.2019 - 14:50:

Grazie! Non capusco come si ferma l'ultima maglia lavorata delle maniche!

AngelaL 11.01.2019 - 09:45:

Ma il filo della manica come si ferma?

DROPS Design 11.01.2019 - 13:54:

Buongiorno Angela. Il filo della manica verrà fermato alla fine del lavoro, come ferma gli altri fili del lavoro. Buon lavoro!

Diana L Meier 31.05.2018 - 19:57: Website https://www.garnstud ...

I cant find anywhere were it says how many strands of yarn it takes this is one of the question it asks in the yarn converter

DROPS Design 01.06.2018 - 09:10:

Dear Mrs Meier, when a pattern is worked with more than 1 strand of yarn, you should find this information under tension or under the pattern. If you still doubt, please ask your question under the pattern you want to work, so that we can help you. Happy knitting!

Patricia GRESLIN 24.03.2017 - 10:28:

Bonjour, dans le modèle SEA MIST (pull pour femme), je ne comprends pas pourquoi les manches sont tricotées en aller retour sur une aiguille circulaire. A l'instar d'autres modèles que je viens de réaliser (WALLACE - pull pour homme par exemple), pourquoi ne pas tricoter les manches en rond, sur des aiguilles double-pointe ? Cela éviterait une couture, comme pour le corps. Merci pour votre réponse et bien cordialement. Patricia.

Dagmar Bachmann 01.03.2016 - 21:24:

Hallo, ich versuche bei einer Strickjacke "grey Sunset Jacket" (alle Teile auf einer Nadel) unter der Beschreibung "Raglan" weiter zu kommen. Leider verstehe ich den Abschnitt nicht ( A1 über die nächsten 4 Maschen) nicht. Was ist damit gemeint? Wird nur in jeder 4. Reihe abgenommen? Gibt es ein Video? Ich habe das Modell Nr. 16 aus dem Heft " Strick Kreationen Jan/Feb." Freue mich über Hilfe. LG Daggi

DROPS Design 02.03.2016 - 21:17:

Hallo Dagmar, A.1 ist der Mustersatz, der unten neben der Schnittzeichnung abgebildet ist. Das Muster läuft an der Raglanlinie. Wie für den Ragaln abgenommen wird ist im Text beschrieben.

Susy 06.12.2014 - 14:10:

Hej, du talar engelska?? I can give you a better answer in english, I'm still learning swedish ;) I know this problem, I always have the same one, it is impossible to put the arms with 50 stiches in a hole from only 8!! (I have seen this always in baby designs). The only solution, once you have take off the 8 points (4 at each side) you have to make other 4 or 6 rows straight ahead, in the arms and in the body, then you can insert the arms in the hole ;) Lycka och vi ses,

Maries Artamendi 16.01.2014 - 18:52:

Hej. I Heathcliff har jag gjort som i videon, men ärmen har 50 maskor och ärmhållet bara är 8 maskor, vilket gör att man spänner ärmhållet väldigt mycket och det är svårt att sticka. Skall det vara så? Tack

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