DROPS / 159 / 26

Waffle Love by DROPS Design

Knitted DROPS cloth with textured pattern in ”Cotton Light”.

DROPS design: Pattern no cl-052
Yarn group B
Measurements: approx. 21 x 21 cm
DROPS COTTON LIGHT from Garnstudio
50 g in each of the following colour no: 18 pink, 24 grape, 11 green, 29 lime, 01 off white, 28 yellow, 14 turquoise, 23 light purple and 25 light lilac.

One cloth weighs approx. 35 g.

DROPS STRAIGHT NEEDLES SIZE 3.5 mm - or size needed to get 22 sts x 30 rows in stocking st or 45 rows in garter st = 10 x 10 cm.

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50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
from 0.95 £ /50g
DROPS Cotton Light uni colour DROPS Cotton Light uni colour 0.95 £ /50g
Wool Warehouse Direct Ltd
DROPS Needles & Hooks
You can get the yarn to make this pattern from 0.95£. Read more.

Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in British English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from cm to inches - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in British and American English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in American English, please click here.
GARTER ST (back and forth):
K all rows. 1 ridge = 2 rows K.

See diagrams A.1 and A.2.

Cast on 49 sts on needle size 3.5 mm with Cotton Light. Work 3 ridges in GARTER ST - see explanation above. Then work according to A.1 and A.2 as follows: 3 edge sts in garter st, A.1 over 1 st, repeat A.2 until 3 sts remains and 3 edge sts in garter st. Continue to work according to diagram A.1 and A.2 until piece measures approx 20 cm, adjust so that piece ends after half a repetition vertically. Work 3 ridges and loosely cast off.


= K from RS, P from WS
= P from RS, K from WS

Comments (42)

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Hanne 07.05.2018 - 18:31:

Rigtig sødt mønster, men meget uhygiejnisk garnvalg til en klud. Sådan én skal kunne tåle at blive vasket ved 60 grader. Cotton Light tåler kun 40 grader.

Cathy 03.04.2018 - 17:07:

Bonjour desolé mais pas clair du tout même avec la video j'ai rien compris au diagramme A.1 = la 1ère m du diagramme (= 1 m jersey), A.2 = les 3 m suivantes que l'on répète, soit au rang 1 (sur l'endroit): 2 m env, 1 m end - rang 2 (sur l'envers): 1 m env, 2 m end - rang 3: tout à l'end - rang 4: tout à l'env. .. bien et ensuite ??? le rang 5 etc ?? pas facile a comprendre pourtant je ne suis pas debutante ! merci

DROPS Design 03.04.2018 kl. 17:13:

Bonjour Cathy, le diagramme présente le motif tel qu'il doit se présenter sur l'endroit soit aux rangs 1: 1 m end (= A.1), puis *2 m env, 1 m end*, répétez de *-* (= A.2) et donc sur l'envers, on aura: *1 m env, 2 m end* (= A.2) et terminez par 1 m env (= A.1). Tricotez ensuite 2 rangs jersey endroit (= rang 3 = à l'endroit et rang 4 = à l'envers). Répétez simplement ces 4 rangs. N'oubliez pas les 3 m point mousse au début et à la fin de chaque rang! Bon tricot!

Ann 06.11.2017 - 16:27:

Forstå ikke at kludene skal strikkes i CottonLight, det er jo meningen med hjemmestrikket klude at undgå microplast i naturen.

Cindy Nelson 18.08.2017 - 18:24:

Beautiful and unusual pattern. I can not follow how to do this pattern. I have watched the video multiple times. I appreciate you creating the video, but for me it was not enough. Wondering if knitters in America overall have a challenging time with patterns designed outside our country. It is interesting since I learned to knit from my German friend and already do things differently than other American knitters. Again thanks for sharing your very nice design.

Helen 21.04.2017 - 06:25:

What is the stitch/pattern?? I am totally confused! You are holding the yarn in your left hand and main needle in right? I have NEVER seen this before. Have No idea how to do it! Sad!

DROPS Design 21.04.2017 kl. 09:03:

Dear Helen, You will work diagram like this: Row 1 (from RS): A.1A: K1 then A.2: *P2,K1* repeat from *-*. Row 2 (from WS): *P1,K2*, repeat from *-* and finish with A.1= P1. Row 3: K all sts from RS. Row 4: P all sts from WS. Repeat row 1-4. Remember to work 3 sts in garter sts at the beg and end of each row. Happy knitting!

Anneli 11.02.2017 - 19:01:

Hej igen Nu har jag förstått😆 Det är ju inte 4 maskor i mönster A2 utan bara 3

Anneli 11.02.2017 - 13:44:

Jag får inte ihop mönstret, det saknas en maska hur jag än räknar. Ser att fler har påpekat detta men inget svar hjälper mig. Det måste vara fel i mönstret. Mönstret har tre kantmaskor i varje sida och resten ska vara delbart med 4 så antingen 46 eller 50 maskor behövs. Eller?

Barbara 25.01.2017 - 05:28:

What is the verbal directions for the A1 A2 stitches? Thank you. Barbara

DROPS Design 25.01.2017 kl. 09:15:

Dear Barbara, you will find legend to the diagrams just above diagram, see also video below. Happy knitting!

Marie-France 10.10.2016 - 13:14: www.garnstudio.com

Dans la vidéo, elle fait son premier rang A1 et A2 dans le diagramme. Pourquoi au deuxième rang , elle commence par faire ces trois maille lisières et débute par la dernière maille de A2. Pourtant dans les explication c'est écrit de fait A1 et A2 jusqu'à 20 cm

DROPS Design 10.10.2016 kl. 15:10:

Bonjour Marie-France, sur l'endroit, on tricote 3 m point mousse, 1 fois A.1, on répète A.2 et on termine par 3 m point mousse. Sur l'envers, on lit les diagrammes de droite à gauche et on tricote: 3 m point mousse, on répète A.2 et on termine par la m de A.1 et 3 m point mousse. Bon tricot!

Julia 20.08.2016 - 16:13:

Jeg forstår desværre ikke hvordan jeg skal strikke dette mønster udfra A1 og A2, heller ikke selvom jeg ser videoen i denne streng :-(. Er det ikke muligt at I kan skrive opskriften med hhv x antal r og x antal vr, på pind 1, 2, 3 osv samt gentagelsesmønster? Giver mit spørgsmål mening?

DROPS Design 25.08.2016 kl. 15:53:

Hej Julia. Du har 49 masker og strikker frem og tilbage. Du strikker fra retten: 3 kantmasker i rille, saa A.1 (1 r), A.2 til der 3 m tilbage = 2 vr, 1 r (= 14 gentagelser), afslut med 3 kantmasker i rille. Paa vrangen strikker du saa 3 kantmasker i rille, A.2 (laes nu fra venstre mod höjre og husk du strikker vrangen: 1 vr, 2 r) og gentag 14 gange, saa A.1 (1 vr), og afslut med 3 kantmasker i rille

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