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How to center a diagram

The middle of the chart is placed like this (the stitch with arrow) in the middle of the front/back piece or mid sleeve. It says in the pattern that you need to continue working the front piece acc... (Read more)

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Increase or decrease 1 st on every 3rd and 4th row alternately

You can inc/dec on every 3rd and 4th row/round/cm alternately to get a smooth inc/dec in f.ex a raglan, in a V-neck or if you would like to shape your work, we sometimes write: Increase or decrease ... (Read more)

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How to choose yarn!

All yarn/fibers have different natural properties, which are the same you look for when buying finished knitted garments. So before you choose the yarn for a specific project, it is important you know... (Read more)

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How to increase/decrease evenly!

How to calculate where to inc/dec when pattern says "inc/dec evenly" - You can use this lesson's tips both in knitting and crocheting: Increase evenly: The pattern tells you to increase a number of... (Read more)

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How to measure your tension/gauge

It`s important to check your tension/gauge: Make sure that the measurements on your project will be according to the pattern. Always make a little knitting swatch. If it says in the pattern th... (Read more)

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How to read a schematic drawing

You will find the schematic drawing for each garment below the patterns. It will have all the measurement for each size we have in this pattern. If you follow the pattern and keep the tension/gauge th... (Read more)

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Can I adapt a pattern for circular needles into straight needles?

A number of DROPS patterns are worked on circular needles. This technique is very popular in many countries in Northern Europe, the UK and the US and is a method with many advantages; you avoid seems ... (Read more)

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How do I read the diagrams that come with the patterns?

Please read the diagrams as follows: Begin in the lower right-hand corner and work towards the left. In some patterns, an arrow under the diagram indicates the starting point for this particular patte... (Read more)

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How can I get help with a DROPS pattern?

Each individual pattern contains a “Comments” section where you can post questions, get answers in your own language and also read what other knitters have commented on the pattern. If there have ... (Read more)

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