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How to Felt

When wool is washed in the washing machine the fibres felt together and the result is a warm and very durable material. Felting is best suited for smaller garments like hats, socks/slippers and ba... (Read more)

Posted on 30.09.2015 under Technique lessons

How to make felted wool balls

Decorate with small felted balls, it`s cheap and easy. Use leftover yarn in pure wool and make balls in different sizes. Figur 1: Use a yarn made of pure wool (not superwash treated). DROPS Eskimo ... (Read more)

Posted on 20.08.2015 under Technique lessons

How to make a tassel

It`s easy to make small decorative tassel to dress up hats, mittens, bags and interior. Choose the size and the material that you like. Cut a piece of cardboard into the length that you want on your t... (Read more)

Posted on 18.08.2015 under Technique lessons