How to follow a DROPS pattern

Is this your first time working with a DROPS pattern and are you having trouble understanding what to do first? Then read over this lesson, where we show you how to follow one of our patterns.

The first step is to choose which pattern you wish to make.

Are you a beginner? Then it’s a good idea to choose an easy pattern for your first project. We have chosen a pair of slippers, Side Step (DROPS Extra 0-1279) as an example for this lesson, but you can find other simple patterns which are a good starting point for beginners at the bottom of the page.

Every pattern on our site has a DROPS number, a descriptive title, tags that will direct you to related patterns and, in most cases, a name - but if the name is missing, please feel free to suggest one!

If you have already found a pattern you’d like to work with, the next thing to do is to choose what size you need to make, and what yarn you will be using.

To do this you’ll move to the next section of the pattern (which comes after the pattern pictures on mobile). In this section you will find information about the pattern’s yarn group, the pattern model number, the sizes available, the amount of yarn you need for each size and which needles to use.

DROPS design: Pattern no de-121
Yarn group A + A + A + A or C + C or E

If you are already thinking of using a different yarn than the one suggested on the pattern, the easiest is to choose another yarn that belongs to the same yarn group. Read about the DROPS Yarn Groups here.

You can also easily replace the yarn by using our yarn converter, just look for this text on your pattern:

“Want to use a different yarn? Try our yarn converter!”


In the case of these slippers, you’ll find 2 rows of equivalent sizes, shoe sizes and foot length (in cm). Choose the size you wish to make and mark this size with a coloured marker throughout the pattern. We have chosen for this example size 35/37.

Size: 29/31 - 32/34 - 35/37 - 38/40 - 41/43 - 44/46
To fit foot length: 17 - 19 - 21 - 23 - 26 - 29 cm

Right under the sizes, you’ll find the materials. Here you will find the name of the yarn suggested and the amount of yarn you need (for each of the colours used on the pattern). Sometimes, like with this pattern, you’ll find suggestions for alternatives, separated by a

Or use:

We have chosen size 35/37, and that means we will need the 3rd amount of each colour, counting from the left.

DROPS DELIGHT from Garnstudio
100-100- 100 -100-100-150 g colour no 12, rainbow
Or use:
100-100- 100 -100-100-150 g colour no 17, raspberry cake
Or use:
50-50- 50 -50-50-100 g colour no 08, green/beige
50-50- 50 -50-50-100 g colour no 07, beige/blue

To make sure you get the same measurements/size as given in the pattern, it is important that your knitting tension corresponds to the knitting tension described in the text!

We therefore recommend that you always make a small swatch – In this pattern you need 14 knitted stitches to give you a width of 10 cm, using 4 strands of DROPS Delight. You find this information together with the recommended needle/hook.

DROPS STRAIGHT NEEDLES SIZE 5.5 mm – or size needed to get 14 sts in garter st with 4 strands = width 10 cm.

We start all our patterns by describing all the different techniques which are to be used.

Scrolling to the bottom of the pattern you’ll find a number of instruction videos and lessons on these various techniques; they are easy to follow and useful when you are uncertain about how to do certain things.

GARTER ST (back and forth on needle):
K all rows. 1 ridge = 2 rows K.
Use 4 strands rainbow or 4 strands raspberry cake or 2 strands green/beige + 2 strands beige/blue (= 4 strands).
NOTE: Use yarn from both inside and outside of the ball.
Tighten yarn when sts are worked K 2 tog to avoid big holes.

Then we get to where we start to work on the pattern.


First we give some information on how to start the piece and in which direction to work!

Work back and forth from the heel towards the toes.

Now we are ready to begin. We always start by casting on the number of stitches needed for the chosen size (look for the numbers marked in bold).

Cast on 23-23- 27 -27-29-29 sts on needle size 5.5 mm with 4 strands Delight - read COLOUR OPTION (let the yarn end be approx. 20 cm; used for assembly).
Work in GARTER ST – see explanation above, until piece measures 13½-15½- 17½ -19½-22½-25½ cm

If you have forgotten how to work GARTER ST ,go back to the top and follow the description of GARTER ST under EXPLANATIONS.

Even if you have worked a swatch already, it is a good idea to check your knitting tension as you go, so you are certain you will get the right size – that’s why we say;


Work next row from RS as follows: K 1, then K sts tog 2 by 2 = 12-12-14-14-15-15 sts – READ KNITTING TIP! K 3 rows.
On next row from RS work as follows: * K 4-4-5-5-3-3, K the next 2 sts tog *, repeat from *-* 2-2-2-2-3-3 times in total = 10-10-12-12-12-12 sts on needle.

When we use *-* in the text, work whatever has been written between the stars, repeating this however many times stated in the pattern. Here you knit 5 stitches, the next 2 stitches are knitted together, then you knit 5 stitches and finally knit 2 stitches together again. In this way you have decreased 2 stitches and have 12 stitches left.

K 1 row.
On next row K sts tog 2 by 2 = 5-5-6-6-6-6 sts.
Piece measures approx. 17-19-21-23-26-29 cm. Cut the strands (let the yarn end be approx. 20 cm long; used for assembly) and pull it through the remaining sts, tighten tog.

Finally we will assemble the slipper.

Fold cast-on edge double and sew tog mid back. Sew tog edge to edge from toe and up to 1/3 of the slipper. Sew in edge sts to avoid a chunky seam.

Scrolling to the bottom of the pattern you’ll find our Help Resources section. Here you will find information on everything; how to cast on, working knitted stitches, decreasing stitches, casting off, assembling the slippers and much, much more. You will also find a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and a form to leave your own. Hope this helped you understand the structure of a DROPS pattern. Remember that if you knit or crochet any of our designs we’d love for you to submit it to the #dropsfan gallery!

Inspiration for beginners

Find more beginner patterns here

Comments (42)

Carol McNeill wrote:

Drops wool Woodland vest pattern- how do I do- between 2 stitches make 1 yarn over?

17.06.2022 - 17:45:

Odette Buelens wrote:

Patroon drops 231-46 hoe interpreteer ik : A1 : 1 stokje in de eerste 2-5-9-6-14-12 steken ? ik versta dit niet : wat na de eerste twee, spring ik dan verder naar de vijfde ? het is mij helemaal niet duidelijk, ook niet op het telpatroon - volgende vraag : wordt er telkens één enkele figuur over de hele hoogte gehaakt en dan vastgenaaid op de volgende rij figuren ? ik begrijp er niks van !!

26.05.2022 - 18:18:

Elizabeth wrote:

What does A1 mean in pattern drops230-2 please

13.05.2022 - 22:19:

DROPS Design answered:

Dear Elizabeth, A.1 is the chart found below the pattern instruction and worked in moss stitch. You can find the explanations of the diagram just above the chart and below the instructions of the pattern. Happy knitting!

15.05.2022 - 22:18:

Maria wrote:

HI thank you for replying so quickly. on the Catarina jumper pattern at the sleeve after I bind off 3 stitches...2 stitches and 1 stitch says "then bind off 2sts until the piece measures 34 cm and then bind off 3 sts 1 time".' Do I bind off 2 stitches at each side of the row until I get to 34cm and do I.bind off the 3 stitches at.each side of the rows or is it in the middle.of the knitting? Many thanks. Maria

11.05.2022 - 12:46:

DROPS Design answered:

Dear Maria, you bind off 2 sts on each side (= at the beg of both row from RS and from WS) until sleeve measures 34 cm from cast on edge - just make sure to have bound off the same number of sts on each side, then bind off 3 sts at the beginning of next 2 rows and bind off all remaining stitches. Happy knitting!

11.05.2022 - 16:14:

Maria wrote:

HI thank you for replying so quickly. on the Catarina jumper pattern at the sleeve after I bind off 3 stitches...2 stitches and 1 stitch says "then bind off 2sts until the piece measures 34 cm and then bind off 3 sts 1 time".' Do I bind off 2 stitches at each side of the row until I get to 34cm and do I.bind off the 3 stitches at.each side of the rows or is it in the middle.of the knitting? Many thanks. Maria

11.05.2022 - 12:44:

Maria wrote:

Hi I am on the sleeve foe the Drops Catarina and I have done the bind off up to ..1st 2 times. It then says bind off 2 stitches until the piece measures 34 cm and then bind of 3 stitches one time. Is that at each edge of the sleeve or where am I binding off? Thanks

10.05.2022 - 16:13:

DROPS Design answered:

Dear Maria, you mean cast off for armholes, correct? You have to cast off (4th size): 3 sts at the beginning of the next 4 rows (= 3 sts on each side twice), then 2 sts at the beg of next 8 rows (2 sts on each side 4 times), then 1 st at the beg of next 4 rows (= 1 st on each side 2 times) = 6+8+2 sts = 16 sts are cast off on each side (= there were 122 sts - 16-16= 90 sts remain). Happy knitting!

11.05.2022 - 08:59:

Ytje-afke wrote:

Een vraag over patroon 162-15 maat l/xl Toer 1 en 2. In het geschreven uitleg schrijfen ze 4 stokjes 1 overslaan maar op de tel tekening staat 5 stokjes en overslaan. Toer 2 om de 5 stokjes een halve vaste in de boog ,maar als ik mijn maat neem dan kom ik uit na de boog ,zo dat ik dan weer teweinig boogjes krijg . Is dit te verklaren of denk ik te moeilijk

17.04.2022 - 16:03:

DROPS Design answered:

Dag Ytje-afke,

De eerste toer waarbij je stokjes haakt in de 92 lossen, staat niet in het telpatroon getekend. Je haakt de eerste toer in maat l/xl als volgt. 1 stokje in de 4e lossen van de haaknaald. Dan haak je 3 stokjes in elk van de volgende 3 lossen en je slaat 1 losse over. Dit laatste herhaal je steeds, waardoor je 73 stokjes op de toer hebt (waarbij de eerste 3 lossen ook als 1 stokje geldt). In de tweede toer (deze is wel in het telpatroon getekend en dit is de toer met de pijl) haak je steeds 5 lossen, je slaat 5 stokjes over en haakt 1 vaste in het volgende stokje.

20.04.2022 - 11:37:

Annie wrote:

Hejsa.. jeg er igang med Heartthrob hæklet jakke med rundt bærestk osv. Har lavet ryg - og forstk samt ærmer, som der står, men nu skal jeg til bærestk. “Første række… på højre forstk, spring over de første 5 m på det højre ærme…” hvad er det for et stykke jeg ska starte på? Et helt nyt? Men hvor mange lm ska jeg så have?? Jeg forstår det simpelthen ikke😬

29.03.2022 - 23:16:

DROPS Design answered:

Hej Annie, skriv dit spørgsmål over i selve opskriften og skriv hvilken størrelse og hvor du er i opskriften :)

08.04.2022 - 09:23:

Heather Marie O'Neill wrote:

I using pattern Tulip Season by DROPS Design Knitted jumper in DROPS Paris. The piece is worked top down, with double neck, round yoke, lace pattern and Nordic pattern with tulips. Sizes S - XXXL DROPS Design: Pattern no w-860 Yarn group C or A + A Im knitting a large size I have completed the for neck and the yolk I’m want to start on pattern. do I work the grids in sequence A1 A5 first the increase the diagram for A1 is knit two together and PSSO that surely decreases !!

29.03.2022 - 15:10:

DROPS Design answered:

Dear Mrs O'Neill, you first work A.1, all the round, and on the 2nd round in A.1 you will work a lace pattern: K2, Slip 1, K1, psso (1 st decreased), 1 yarn over (= 1 st increased to create the lace pattern); K2, 1 y arn over (to increase the number of sts, work this yarn over twisted to avoid hole on next round). You have now 7 sts in A.1. Repeat all the round. Happy knitting!

30.03.2022 - 08:02:

Helga Eggenfellner wrote:

Habe die Strickanleitung DROPS 108-37 - muss die Grösse 41/43 verwenden. Wenn ich die Maschen zusammenzähle, bekomme ich 69 heraus (nie wie bei Ihnen 63)Was mache ich für einen Fehler? Ausserdem verstehe ich nicht was Sie bei M2 meinen (in jeder der 3 M re. vom Bündchen je 1 M aufnehmen sodass die re.M von M2 über den re.M des Bündchens liegen Danke für Ihre Antwort

15.03.2022 - 16:02:

DROPS Design answered:

Liebe Frau Eggenfellner, bei diesem Modell, stricken Sie nach Bündchen so: (M1 (= 3 M), 3 li), x 2, M.1 (= 3 M), 9 li, (M.1 (= 3M), 3 li)x4, M.2 (3 M. zunahmen = 6 M), 3 li, M.1, 3 li = (3+3)x2 + 3+9+ (3+3)x4 + 6 + 3+3+3=63 M. Viel Spaß beim stricken!

16.03.2022 - 10:40:

Angelika Wolf wrote:

Was bedeutet bei einem zu strickendem Rippenmuster die Abkürzung vridd? Danke für eine Antwort! Liebe Grüße Angelika

05.12.2021 - 00:35:

DROPS Design answered:

Liebe Frau Wolf, es bedeutet "verschränkt" ... gerne können Sie uns bescheid sagen, wo Sie dieses Wort in die deutsche Anleitung gelesen haben, damit es korrigiert wird. Viel Spaß beim stricken!

06.12.2021 - 10:08:

Wanda wrote:

Drops Design: pattern no. ME-042-by Snuggly Bunny I am an experienced knitter but have never used a chart. I am confused about the back row of the pattern. Do I knit from the left side?

09.11.2021 - 17:08:

DROPS Design answered:

Dear Wanda, from RS read all rows from the right towards the left and from WS read all rows from the left towards the right - from WS in this pattern work the stitches K over K and P over P . The cables are not worked over the same number of rows, make sure there will be always 3 rows between each small cable and 5 rows between each large cable (both M.2 and M.3). Read more about diagrams here. Happy knitting!

10.11.2021 - 08:06:

Anne Grete Lingsom wrote:

Hei! Jeg strikker 217-1 Misteltoe. Hvordan økes maskeantallet fra 140 m til 240 m i str. S underveis i strikking av mønster A.2? 🙄

27.10.2021 - 20:03:

DROPS Design answered:

Hej Anne Grete. Du stickar diagram A.2 20 gånger på omg. Det är ökningar i diagrammet (på första p är diagrammet 7 m och på sista p 12 m, dvs 5 m ökade per ett helt diagram). 20 x 5 m = 100 m ökade totalt. Mvh DROPS Design

29.10.2021 - 10:09:

Lis Steenberg wrote:

Er begyndt på diagram A1 str xxl på Drops 157-23. Hvordan startes på omgang 5. Er det sideudtagning eller alm. udtagning og hvor mange masker skal der være på pinden. Havde været rart med oplysning om maskeantal ved hver udtagning. På forhånd tak for hjælp. Lis

21.09.2021 - 17:42:

DROPS Design answered:

Hej Lis. Ställ frågan på opskriften istället så svarar vi dig där. Mvh DROPS Design

23.09.2021 - 11:45:

Ineke wrote:

Wat wordt er in een patroon bedoeld met 'geen steek'?

21.09.2021 - 14:05:

DROPS Design answered:

Dag Ineke,

Hier is letterlijk geen steek. Als je het telpatroon uit zou knippen, dan zou je dat hokje er ook uit moeten knippen. De reden dat daar geen steek zit is vaak dat deze op de vorige naald geminderd was.

23.09.2021 - 15:19:

Randi Willumsen wrote:

Hei jeg prøver meg på Petronella topp. Her er øking raglan og øking for/bakstykke og ermer . Dette står hver for seg , forvirrende 😅 på oppskriften står det f.eks Ermer - øk hver 2. omgang 29 ganger ??? Betyr dette 29 masker ? Får dette ikke til å stemme da armen begynner med bare 22 masker 😅 Mvh Randi

13.09.2021 - 07:45:

DROPS Design answered:

Hei Randi. Om du strikker str. XL. På ermene skal du øke 2 masker på hver 2. omgang 29 ganger, ikke 29 masker. Du har da strikker 58 pinner i høyden. Så skal du øke på hver 4. omgang 2 ganger (= 8 pinner i høyden). Du starter med 12 masker til 1 erme, så øker du med 2 masker på hver 2. omgang = 12+58 = 70 masker, så øker du med 2 masker 2 ganger = 70 + 4 = 74 masker. Når økningene er ferdig har du 74 masker til 1 erme og du har strikket 66 omganger. mvh DROPS design

13.09.2021 - 08:52:

Rhonda Pringle wrote:

If found it, never mind

01.07.2021 - 22:48:

Rhonda Pringle wrote:

I'm not seeing how many stitches to cast on at the very beginning? Please help

01.07.2021 - 20:51:

Anonym wrote:

Hej, i mönstret står det att man ska virka vänster framstycke spegelvänt, men hur gör man det? Hittar ingen förklaring på det

10.05.2021 - 23:24:

DROPS Design answered:

Hei. Det er samme forklaring som høyre framstykket, men når man hekler 2 forstykker skal det ene være en speilvendt versjon av det andre. Så om det er en stolpe på plagget blir det på motsatt side og fellingene til erme og hals blir også på motsatt side. mvh DROPS design

19.05.2021 - 07:42:

Maria Teresa Senovilla wrote:

Es posible que pusierais la opción traductor en los comentarios?, sería de gran ayuda y disiparía muchas dudas, gracias!

24.04.2021 - 08:29:

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