Clue #3 - Here come the sleeves!

Now that we have a front and a back, it's time to give the sweater some sleeves!

And don’t forget that if you have problems along the way, you can just scroll to the end of the clue where we have included a list of videos and lessons to make knitting your jumper even easier! Do you still have doubts? You can leave a question using the comment form at the bottom of the page, and our experts will try to help you!

Notes for the pattern

INCREASE TIP (sleeve):
Start 1 stitch after the marker thread, make 1 yarn over, work until there is 1 stitch left on the round, make 1 yarn over and knit 1 (= 2 stitches increased). On the next round knit the yarn overs twisted to avoid holes.

The sleeves are worked bottom up and in the round with double pointed needles/short circular needle as far as the armholes, then finished back and forth.

Let’s start knitting!

Cast on 30-32-32-34-34-36 stitches with double pointed needles size 4.5 mm and medium grey Air or grey Nepal (colour a). Knit 1 round then work rib (= knit 1/ purl 1) for 4 cm. Change to double pointed needles size 5.5 mm. Insert 1 marker thread at the beginning of the round (= mid-under sleeve). Knit 1 round where you decrease 4 stitches evenly spaced in all sizes = 26-28-28-30-30-32 stitches. Then continue with stocking stitch in the round. When the piece measures 6 cm, increase 2 stitches mid-under sleeve – read INCREASE TIP (sleeve). Increase like this every 2½-3½-3½-4-5-5½ cm a total of 6-6-7-7-7-7 times = 38-40-42-44-44-46 stitches. When the piece measures 22-26-30-34-38-42 cm, cast off 2-2-2-4-4-4 stitches mid-under sleeve (cast off 1-1-1-2-2-2 stitches on each side of the marker thread) = 36-38-40-40-40-42 stitches.

Then work stocking stitch back and forth with 1 edge stitch in garter stitch on each side of the piece – AT THE SAME TIME on the first row from the right side decrease to raglan. Decrease to raglan every 2nd row (i.e. each row from the right side) a total of 13-14-15-16-17-18 times.

When all decreases to raglan are finished there are 10-10-10-8-6-6 stitches on the row, cast off. Work the other sleeve in the same way.


The sleeves are now finished. Are you ready to put the sweater together and give Santa a face? Then click below on Next > to get to the next step of the jumper.

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Need some help?

Here’s a list of resources to help you with the sleeves:

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