Montar los pts en un círculo

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Aquí mostramos cómo montar los pts en un círculo sin obtener un agujero en el centro.

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Comentarios (12)

Lita Haddal 05.06.2020 - 18:46:

I give up. No video only ads.

Lita Haddal 05.06.2020 - 18:33:

Veldig vanskelig å spille av videoinstrukser

Marianne 14.05.2019 - 07:39:

Merci pour cette vidéo , ainsi que pour tout votre site! Je trouve beaucoup plus pratique, aisé, de monter les mailles en rond à l' aide d'un crochet car le fil est plus facile à tirer . Je laisse toutes les mailles sur le crochet puis je les transfère sur les aiguilles .

Laura 11.11.2016 - 18:27:

Hello, I watched the video several times but I still can\'t make the first stitch. I do not understand the video. For instance at 23 seconds I can\'t figure what the left hand is doing with the end of the yarn. Is there any written explanation in English or French ? Thanks

DROPS Design 14.11.2016 - 11:10:

Dear Laura, you will find written explanation to the magic circle in patterns like this hat (change language as you rather like to read). Happy knitting!

Catherine 30.03.2016 - 13:00:

I love these videos. I am new to Garnstudio and finding new techniques with every pattern. The videos have explained every query on each of the 4 patterns I ha followed. Thank you.

Pauliina 06.08.2015 - 07:59:

There is voices on at this video 😂 ? Best regards Pauliina

DROPS Design 06.08.2015 - 09:48:

Dear Paulina, Our videos do not have sound. We are a worldwide company and our videos are watched by people around the world, speaking different languages, many of whom do not understand English. We have therefore written instructions to accompany this video, and there is no sound to disturb while watching. Enjoy!

Ria Pomp 23.06.2015 - 00:11:

Can you explain how you start to knit after you have finshed the magic circle? Kunt u uitteggen hoe je begint te breien als je de magische cirkel klaar hebt? Kan het ook op een rondbreinaald?

DROPS Design 24.06.2015 - 09:22:

Dear Mrs Pomp, just distribute the sts onto the double pointed needles / on the circular needle if you work in magic loop, insert a marker at beg of round and start to work following pattern. Happy knitting!

Elwira Dereżyńska 12.03.2015 - 21:47:

Im going to do learn this method . It is different :)

Mieke Heylen-Van Den Bosch 18.08.2013 - 10:17:

Prachtig resultaat!!! heel erg bedankt!!!

Carole Boisclair 13.06.2013 - 17:02:

Un grand merci pour cette méthode. Je suis très reconnaissante de tous vos super trucs ils sont tous efficaces et utiles.

DROPS 10.06.2013 - 22:22:

You should twist sts on very first round, this eliminates holes in the middle. That's what this technique is all about :)

Ille 07.06.2013 - 12:41:

If you hold yarn like this, you get stitches on needle wrong way. When knitting you get twisted stitches.

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