Indtagning: 3 r sm og 3 dr r sm

Når man tager 2 masker ind kan man gøre det ved at strikke 3 m sammen. I videoen strikker vi 3 r sammen først i de forreste maskebuer - da vender indtagningen mod højre, så strikker vi 3 r drejet sammen og da strikker vi dem sammen i de bagerste maskebuer og indtagningen vil da vende mod venstre.

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Andrew Barley 11.06.2019 - 13:55:

As a beginner I am trying very hard but your last response was not only unhelpful but offensive I am also male by the way despite you keep referring to me as Mrs

DROPS Design 13.06.2019 - 09:36:

Dear Mr Barley, we are sorry and didn't intend to be offensive, last answer has been edited into Mr - there are different way to decrease 2 stitches, this video is showing only 2 ways with K3 tog and K3 twisted together, so it's always better to refer to the pattern to be sure that's how you are intended to decrease these 2 stitches. If you are still not sure, please leave a question under the pattern you are working on so that we can check if it is the right way to decrease the 2 stitches. Happy knitting!

Andrew Barley 10.06.2019 - 13:26:

Further to my last query about the raglan I have now watched the video on decreasing by 3, is this the technique we are supposed to use

DROPS Design 11.06.2019 - 13:50:

Dear Mr Barley, if you are suppose to work K3 together and/or K3 twisted together, that's they way you are suppose to work, except if the pattern is giving another explanation/description to the decrease. Happy knitting!

Liselotte Laursen 14.10.2018 - 23:19:

Videoen bliver ved at køre i tomgang uden at gå vidre til at vise videoen på noget tidspunkt

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