How to crochet raglan increases on a jacket (working top down)

When working a raglan yoke top down you increase on specific places on the yoke creating a raglan line in each transition between body and sleeves. In this DROPS video we show how you can do this. We crochet back and forth on this video, but the techique is the same if you work in the round.

We have placed 4 markers on the row and we increase by each marker crocheting 2 tr, 2 ch, 2 tr around the ch-space. In the second row we show how to work the sleeves after the yoke is finished and in the third row we show how to crochet the tr in the ch under each sleeve.

You must read the pattern and look at the charts to be able to follow this video properly. You’ll find patterns using this technique by clicking on the pictures below.

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Stephanie Lauritsen 27.08.2017 - 03:37:

Jeg er igang med at ville lave en dåbskjole ud af DROPS baby 19-8, men jeg forstår simpelthen ikke de udtagninger og raglan. Jeg får ingen raglan på det jeg laver... Hjæææælp! Jeres video her, viser jo ikke hvordan man gør som der står i opskriften. Mvh. Stephanie

DROPS Design 22.09.2017 - 11:06:

Hej Stephanie, vil du skrive dit spørgsmål ind under selve opskriften til dåbskjolen? Vi svarer så hurtigt vi kan.

Rae 05.05.2017 - 20:07:

Sorry but I was unable to view this video!!😂

DROPS Design 08.05.2017 - 11:14:

Dear Rae, Video should work. Please make sure you have installed the newest version of Adobe Flash Player. If the problem persists, please take a look at Vimeo's FAQ.

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