How to crochet the body under round yoke

In this DROPS video we show you how to continue with the body after completing a round yoke. In the video we crochet as follows: work the tr on left front piece, 4 ch = under sleeve, tr on back piece, 4 ch = under sleeve and finishing with tr on right front piece. In the second row we show how to work tr around the ch under each sleeve. At the end we show how to start working around the armhole to start on a top down sleeve.

As this is a standard technique, you must read the pattern to be able to follow this video properly. You’ll find patterns using this technique by clicking on the pictures below.

To see how to increase using markers on a round yoke, go to: How to increase right/left of markers on a crochet yoke

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Jane Brown 28.08.2019 - 13:51:

I am doing DROPS / 169 / 32 currently. Thanks for the videos for figuring out the pattern! Now I'm done with the yoke, and this video shows well how to go around the sleeve, however in the cardigan pattern there are no instructions for how many to ch for the jump. On top of that, we put in 2 stitch markers for the sleeve... I don't know if I should crochet until the first or the second marker.

DROPS Design 29.08.2019 - 09:50:

Dear Mrs Brown, when piece measures 17-22 cm (see size), you will naw work next row from RS as explained: Work 1 tr in each of the first 46-50-54-58-64-70 tr (= left front piece), work 8 ch, skip 60-64-69-73-75-79 tr from previous row (= sleeve), 1 tr in each of the next 77-85-93-102-113-129 tr (= back piece), 8 ch, skip 60-64-69-73-75-79 tr from previous round (= sleeve), 1 tr in each of the last 46-50-54-58-64-70 tr (= right front piece) = 185-201-217-234-257-285 tr/ch on row.= you have now 8 chains for each armhole over the 60-79 sts skipped for each sleeve. Happy crocheting!

Messina Nicole 25.08.2019 - 15:43:

Pouvez vous me donner un modèle d un gilet sans manche

DROPS Design 26.08.2019 - 09:41:

Bonjour Mme Messina, vous trouverez ici tous nos modèles de gilets sans manches - n'hésitez pas à affiner votre recherche à l'aide des filtres. Bon tricot!

Suzie 23.02.2018 - 15:04:

Merci beaucoup, je vais faire des essais.....

Suzie 22.02.2018 - 19:09:

Bonjour, Serait-il possible de crocheter cet empiècement en double bride pour avoir un tricot plus ajouré ?

DROPS Design 23.02.2018 - 09:19:

Bonjour Suzie, on peut tout à fait crocheter un empiècement en double brides, si vous modifiez un modèle existant, pensez à bien recalculer vos augmentations car les doubles brides étant plus hautes que les brides, votre empiècement serait alors trop long. Bon crochet!

Janice Larson 23.09.2016 - 01:37:

How many skeins of yarn (how many yards?) for above project? what thickness of yarn? Will a #3 weight work? Are UK sizes equal US sizes? Thank you! Jlarson

DROPS Design 23.09.2016 - 09:08:

Dear Mrs Larson, click on each picture of the design to see how many skeins of yarn is required for each of them. You will get more informations about our yarns under their own shadecard. For any further assistance, remember you will get help from your DROPS store. Happy crocheting!

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