How to work the strap with cable to the top in DROPS 211-13

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In this DROPS video we show how to work after chart A.6 to the “Seaside Spirals” top in DROPS 211-13.
This top is worked in DROPS Paris, but in the video we work with a thicker yarn; DROPS Snow.

You must read the pattern and look at the chart to be able to follow this video properly. You’ll find the pattern and the video: How to work the right front piece to the top in DROPS 211-13 by clicking on one of the pictures below.

Komentáře (3)

Maritha Scholtz wrote:

Thank you very much!

04.10.2021 - 14:26:

Mrs Scholtz wrote:

Thank you very much.

04.10.2021 - 14:24:

Maritha Scholtz wrote:

I do not understand how to cast off on the wrong side and do 2 purls and then 2purls together? I do not understand how to cast off the shoulder strap?

01.10.2021 - 20:32:

DROPS Design answered:

Dear Mrs Scholtz, from WS purl the first 2 sts together, *purl the next 2 sts together (= there are now 2 sts on right needle), pass the first stich on right needle over the outermost stitch (= 1 st left on right needle )*, repeat from *-* until all stitches are cast off. Happy knitting!

04.10.2021 - 09:17:

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