Ochrana soukromí

Vašeho soukromí si vážíme a respektujeme je.

Naše návody i stránky jsou vám k dispozici bez toho, že byste s námi museli sdílet jakékoli osobní údaje. Pouze v určitých případech, kdy se s námi sami spojíte, vás požádáme o minimální nezbytné kontaktní a osobní informace - podrobněji viz níže.

Information we collect

We collect the following information in certain places of our site:

  • Name, country and other information (voluntary) when you choose to leave a comment in our comment forms (which you can find in each pattern, yarn, video, lesson and cal clue).
  • E-mail on comments that are questions - this is not mandatory, you only have to leave an e-mail address if you choose to be notified when receiving an answer.
  • Name, country e-mail and other information (voluntary) in the forms where you submit content to our site (suggest a blog, send a picture to our CAL).
  • E-mail in our “Favourites” system. This is also the only place on our site where cookies are used, and they are used only to prevent you having to enter your email again and again when saving favourites.
  • Name, country and other information (voluntary) in the forms to comment in our new collections (both when you vote and when you comment to each design).

How is the information used

  • Comments: If you leave a comment to our patterns, videos, yarns, lessons or clues the comment as well as your name and website (if you chose to share it) will be displayed on our site. If you leave your e-mail in order to get a notification on an answer your e-mail will not be displayed, and it will be removed from our database automatically once that notification has been sent.
  • Suggest blog/cal forms: If you leave a suggestion for a blog post or gallery picture, we will process the information you have sent us, upload your content with the name and link you credited, and remove all other information from our database.
  • Collection comments: When you vote on a new collection and leave a comment to our designers, the comment (and name/country info) will not be displayed anywhere public on our site. It will only remain stored in our database to work as feedback for our staff/designers.
  • Collection comments (to individual designs): When you leave a comment (with your name/country) to individual designs of a collection, your comment will be displayed in the comments section of that design. If later the design is written as a pattern those comments will be transferred to the pattern comment section. If the design is not written the comment/information will be deleted.
  • Favourites: When you choose to use the favourites system you agree to share your e-mail with us for the only purpose of connecting those favourite patterns to you. We will store your e-mail for a maximum time of 90 days from the last time you favourited a pattern.

We won’t sell or share your information with third parties.

We will not use any e-mail addresses you have entered on our website to send you promotional newsletters or other e-mail communication unless otherwise specified (such as is the case of the Newsletter sign-up page or the question/answer notification form).

Ask us to alter or remove your information

Do you wish us to alter or remove any personal information you have left on our site?

Fill the request form below and we will contact you back.

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