How to crochet flowers and attach the strap in DROPS 187-3

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In this DROPS video we show you how to work the flowers and how to work and attach the strap to the Juanita bag in DROPS 187-3.
We have already worked some parts of the bag (we use a smaller number of stitches and different colours than what is listed in the pattern) and the video begins with 2 treble crochets being worked together in one stitch (oval shaped icon with 2 small lines in the 2nd row in diagram A.1), then work according to diagram A.2 into the treble crochets worked together. Then we show you some parts of the 3rd row in diagram, where we work 1 treble crochet around the last chain stitch from A.2.

The strap is completed and we show you how to attach one of the strap to the bag using treble crochets. We also show you how to complete the flowers from A.2 according to diagram A.3. After that we work the loose flowers according to diagram A.4 and how to attach the loose flower to the bag and strap.
This bag is worked in DROPS Paris, but we use a thicker yarn in the video; DROPS Snow.

You must also read the pattern and look at the diagrams in addition to watching the video. You will find the pattern by clicking on the picture below.

The video above can be used in the following patterns

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Laura Binda wrote:

La tracolla è meglio lavorarla a parte? Per favore potete rispondere in italiano? Grazie

05.05.2020 - 18:28:

DROPS Design answered:

Buongiorno Laura, la tracolla viene lavorata a parte e poi attaccata alla borsa come mostrato nel video e nelle spiegazioni del modello. Buon lavoro!

06.05.2020 - 09:39:

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