How to start the jumper in DROPS 183-13

In this DROPS video we show how we cast on and increase (YO/hole) to the back of the Snowman jumper in DROPS 183-13. We cast on a much smaller number of stitches than it says in the pattern and knit a mini back piece. Purl from the WS (= the
1st row) and we start with inc / hole pattern on 2nd row. When we have finished the increase to the raglan, we show how to cast on 1 new stitch for armholes at the end of the next 2 rows.
We use DROPS Eskimo in the video, the same yarn used in the pattern.

You must also read the pattern (INCREASE TIP, GARTER STITCH, BACK PIECE) as well as watch the video. You can find the pattern by clicking the picture below.

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