How to assembly the stole in DROPS 166-45

In this DROPS video we show 2 different ways of assembling the Victorian Charm stole in DROPS 166-45.
First, we show how we sew pieces together, cast-off edge against cast off edge to off edge, then we show how we sew pieces together with grafting/kitchener sts when the work is put on a thread / needle.

This stole is made in DROPS Lace, but in the video we knit with a thicker yarn, DROPS Eskimo.

You must read the pattern to be able to follow. You’ll find the pattern by clicking on the picture below.

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Mette Børstad 21.04.2016 - 15:28:

Savner en video over hvordan man strikker belegg fast i arbeidet.

Jocelyne 28.09.2015 - 13:15:

Un gros merci, pour cette vidéo. Vous m'avez vraiment aidé.

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