Muster: Lochmuster in DROPS 160-4

Keywords: Boleros, Diagramm, Lochmuster,

In diesem DROPS Video zeigen wir, wie man das Lochmuster bei dem Schulterwärmer DROPS 160-4 nach Diagramm A.2, A.3 und A.4 strickt.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie zusätzlich zum Video noch eine Anleitung brauchen.

Um zur Anleitung für diesen Schulterwärmer zu gelangen, gehen Sie bitte auf DROPS 160-4

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Kommentare (2)

Lucy wrote:

Why does your video not have any sound?

05.07.2015 - 13:13

DROPS Design answered:

Dear Lucy, We are a worldwide company and our videos are watched by people around the world, speaking different languages, many of whom do not understand English. Remember to read the pattern and look at the diagram to follow the video. Happy knitting!

06.07.2015 - 10:43

Deb wrote:

I would assume you would purl on the even numbered rows, but I don't recognize what stitch you are doing. Looks like a yarn over, and then some kind of twisting of right needle from front to back. Is it a laborious version of the purl stitch?

17.01.2015 - 05:09

DROPS Design answered:

Dear Deb, you are correct, you purl all sts from WS - there are different way to purl sts, you can find 3 videos showing how to purl a st under the tab "video" on the right side of the pattern. Happy knitting!

19.01.2015 - 14:55

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