How to divide a piece for front and back pieces and how to cast off shoulder stitches in English rib

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In this DROPS video we show how to divide a piece for front and back pieces and how to cast off shoulder stitches, as done in vests in DROPS 210-4 and 217-13. In the Slippery Slopes Sweater in 217-14 we dont cast off the stitches for the sleeve opening, but put the shoulder stitches on a thread. We have fewer stitches than what is written in the patterns.

Start in the middle of the back and work the number of stitches written in the pattern, we work 13 stitches in English rib, 1 stitch in garter stitch (K1), then cast off stitches for the 1st sleeve opening (yarn overs are cast off as separate stitches to avoid the cast-off edge being tight). Work English rib over the front piece, 1 garter stitch (K1), cast off to the 2nd sleeve opening, 1 garter stitch(K1) and then work English rib rest of the round. Cut the strand. Allow the other stitches to remain on the needle.Work from RS (the stitches must now be moved to the left side of the needle).

Work as follows from RS: 1 garter stitch (K1), A.4 until 1 stitch remains and finish with 1 stitch in garter stitch (K1). Work like this back and forth to the stated size in the pattern (make sure that the last row is from WS). Work the front piece the same as the back piece (the stitches are moved to the left needle).

These vests are worked in DROPS Air, but in the video we use a thicker yarn; DROPS Snow.

You must read the pattern and look at the charts to be able to follow this video properly. You’ll find patterns by clicking on one of the pictures below and other relevant videos.

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