How to increase to saddle shoulder by working 3 stitches in 1 stitch

Tags: english rib, jackets, jumpers, saddle shoulder, top down, vests,

In this DROPS video we show how to work the beginning to the «Easy Over» vest in DROPS 217-13 and the «Slippery Slopes Sweater» jumper in DROPS 217-14, both in English rib, with saddle shoulder and where it`s increases by working 3 stitches in 1 stitch. We use a less numbers of stitches than it says in the pattern.

We have already cast on and purled 1 round to the neck edge and start the video with showing a bit of round 1-4 where we work after chart A.1. Chart A.1a is worked the same way as the 4 first rounds. Then we show how to work after chart A.1, A.2 and A.3. We put markers between each charts to have a better overview. We show the whole rounds of 1-3, and half of round 4 and 5.

These garments are worked in DROPS Air, but in the video we work with a thicker yarn; DROPS Snow.

You must read the pattern and look at the charts to be able to follow this video properly. You’ll find a pattern by clicking on one of the pictures below.

The video above can be used in the following patterns

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Cathy Gillie 11.03.2021 - 17:56:

Thankyou. I am so impressed with this website and support available.

Cathy Gillie 10.03.2021 - 21:58:

What confuses me is as you increase every 6th row, ( repeating the A 3a and the A 2 a ), where as you continue you begin to have more stitches on the needle then the diagram shows. It is difficult to know how to follow the diagram with the increased stitches as it is not marked on the diagram. for example it is difficult to know where one makes the increases.

DROPS Design 11.03.2021 - 08:38:

Dear Mrs Gillie, you will increase as shown in diagrams A.2a and A.3a, ie in the next to last stitch in A.2a + in the first stitch in A.3a - you can insert markers as we did in the video so that it will be easier for you to see where you should increase in. Try to work at the same time as we do in the video to follow the pattern (with your number of sts). Happy knitting!

Carole Lavoie 05.01.2021 - 00:26:

Bonjour, Concernant l'augmentation du diagramme 2.Aa,(pour la manche marteau)est-ce que l'on fait l'augmentation à la 5ième maille après avoir compté les 8 première mailles du tricot (pour grandeur L)? Pour diagramme 3.Aa est-ce l'augmentation est la 1 ère maille après le compte de 14 mailles (grandeur L)?

DROPS Design 05.01.2021 - 13:24:

Bonjour Mme Lavoie, l'augmentation figure dans les diagrammes A.2 a et A.3a = il s'agit de la croix dans le diagramme, on va donc augmenter dans l'avant dernière maille de A.2a et dans la 1ère maille de A.3a - cf croix = 7ème symbole dans la légende. Bon tricot!

Marika Johansson 21.12.2020 - 10:15:

På mönstret, ska man då vid A.2 och A.3 göra denna ökning endast 1 gång el kan de bli flera inom markeringarna inom de varv man ska göra upprepning

DROPS Design 11.01.2021 - 13:22:

Hei Marika. Når du strikker en omgang der det skal økes, strikker du A.2 2 ganger og A.3 2 ganger, altså 4 økninger pr omgang. mvh DROPS design

Derumiere 28.11.2020 - 10:37:

Pour le modèle 217-13 le carré plein se tricote sur votre papier' tricoter ensemble à l'envers 1 maille et son jeté alors que la vidéo montre 1 jeté tricoter deux mailles ensemble Serait-il possible d'avoir une explication je suis novice et complètement deboussolee

DROPS Design 30.11.2020 - 11:05:

Bonjour Mme Derumiere, ce sont bien les diagrammes du modèle 217-13 qui sont utilisés pour réaliser la vidéo. Au 1er rang des diagrammes, on a un triangle noir = 1ère maille de A.1, A.2 et A.3 = 1 maille endroit. On va ensuite glisser la 2ème m à l'envers (= rond noir). = time code 00:14. Puis, au rang suivant, on glisse la 1ère maille et on tricote ensemble à l'envers le jeté et la maille glissée (= rang 2 A.1, A.2 et a.3). = time code 1:24. Bon tricot!

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