Kahandamine - 2 pr kokku (2 parempidi kokku)

Lihtsam viis kahandada 1 silmus- koo 2 silmust kokku.

Selles videos koome kõigepealt 2 kokku parempidi - kahandus kaldub paremale.
Siis koome 2 kokku keerdsilmusena, st. läbi tagumiste silmuseaasade ning kahandus kaldub vasakule.

The video above can be used in the following patterns

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Kommentaarid (8)

Yvonne Versteeg 28.09.2017 - 09:14:

It was very clear what to do and I'm very happy with the results!

Lise Gervais 26.02.2017 - 23:04:

Enfin un site où on nous apprends à faire la finition comment coudre les épaules un travail de toute beauté merci,Lise

Cynthia 30.09.2013 - 22:05:

Thanks so much for your help. Can't wait to start a babies hat. Thank YOU!

Katjeke 08.02.2013 - 17:57:

Excellente video, Bravo !

Simonetti 15.01.2013 - 09:45:

Je viens de decouvrvire votre site. Merci il est genial

Mary 12.01.2013 - 08:59:

Amazing.thanks for your great site

Maria José Marques 26.01.2012 - 23:07:

Excelentes imagens!

Hanoi Ruiz 29.01.2011 - 14:19:

Excelente tutorial. Muy claro


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