How to make a friendship bracelet

In this DROPS video we show you how you can make an easy friendship bracelet. You need a piece of card and 7 strands of yarn approx. 0,7 m. Make a hole in the center of the circle and 8 gap around the circle that are cut. Make a knot of all the strands and pull it through the hole. Attach all the strands in each gap. One gap will not have a thread, let this gap point towards you. Now the weaving starts. * Count from the gap without a thread and left and up over 2 strands, move the third strand to the gap that has no thread / the gap that points towards you. Turn the card so that the gap without strand points toward you again * and repeat from * - * to the desired length on the braid. Do not pull hard the braid that comes out of the hole, but let it "grow" by itself. Once you have the desired length, take the strands out of the gaps and cut the thread, make the ending the way you want, knot, double knots or a pearl.

We use the yarn DROPS Eskimo in the video, but the little bracelet is made in DROPS Cotton Merino

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