How to crochet a simple butterfly

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In this DROPS video we will show you how we make a simple summer bird, which for example can be used as a cute decoration on a hat.

Work 5 chain stitches and make them into a ring with 1 slip stitch into the 1st chain stitch. First work 2 big «wings» then 2 smaller «wings».
* Pull the stitch (the slip stitch) to make it approx. 3-4 cm, make a yarn over around hook, pull the hook through the chain stitch ring and pick up the thread, pull thread through and make as long as the yarn overs and the slip stitch/previous stitch = 3 long stitches on hook. Repeat this 7 times more = 17 long stitches /yarn overs on hook. Make a yarn over around the needle and pull the thread through all the long stitches, make a new yarn over and pull it through the loop to «close« the long stitches together and make it tight.
Work 3 chain stitches, then 1 slip stitch in the chain stitch ring. Put the 3 chain stitches on the «backside» *. Repeat *-* 1 more time.

Then work 2 smaller «wings». Repeat*-* 2 times but pull the stitches only 2-3 cm (they should be a bit shorter than the two first «wings») and work 2 chain stitches instead of 3 chain stitches. Finish the summer bird with 1 slip stitch in the chain stitch ring, tighten. Cut and fasten the threads. Spin a thread in a different colour around the summer bird’s «stomach» 2-3 times, tie the threads and cut «the feelers» to a suitable length.

Choose which yarn and hook size you want to use for yourself. We are using DROPS Eskimo and hook size 8 in this video. The colourful summer birds are made in DROPS Melody / hook size 4,5 and DROPS Kid-Silk / hook size 3,5.

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