How to crochet a strawberry

In this DROPS video we show how to crochet a strawberry. Work treble crochet to the stitch where the strawberry starts. Change color (red) and crochet 7 treble crochets in the next stitch, pull out the hook and insert it into 1st treble crochet and the loop from last treble crochet, change color (green) and pull the thread through the loop and 1st treble crochet. Insert the hook between the 1st and 2nd treble crochet and pick up the thread, repeat this between all treble crochets 6 times in total = 7 stitches on hook, yarn over and pull the thread through all 7 stitches. Change color (light gray) and work 1 chain stitch. 1 Work 1 treble crochet in each of the next stitches until the next strawberry should be worked. In this video we work 3 treble crochets between each strawberry and we work around the threads /colors that are not used. By color change, witch to the next color at the last pull through.

We use DROPS Eskimo in this video and on the little swap we use DROPS Muskat.

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