How to sew a cob web on a basket in DROPS Extra 0-1171

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In this DROPS video we show how to sew the cob web to the Halloween basket in DROPS Extra 0-1171.

Sew on cob web, see diagram A.1. First sew the vertical lines that go around the middle, then sew evenly, beg in first round with dc in green. Then sew the diagonal lines in 3 rounds.
Beg the vertical lines with 1 stitch at the beg of round (- see arrow in diagram), sew 1 stitch in the middle of bottom, sew through edge, baste on the back, sew through edge, sew 1 stitch in the middle of bottom etc. the entire round - NOTE: Make sure that to avoid a tight yarn. Then sew the diagonal lines (= 3 round), sew 1 backstitches around each of the vertical lines in the crossing point to fasten the vertical lines.

This basket and cob web made in DROPS Nepal, but in the video we knit with a thicker yarn, DROPS Snow.

You must read the pattern to be able to follow. You’ll find the pattern by clicking on the picture below

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