Ohjeen DROPS 163-17 piirroksen A.1 neulominen

Tässä DROPS videossa näytämme miten neulot ohjeen 163-17 Mermaid Song -peiton piirroksen A.1 mallineuleen. Neulomme kummassakin reunassa 3 reunas ja toistamme piirroksen A.1 mallikertaa 2 kertaa kerroksella. Olemme jo toistaneet piirroksen A.1 mallikertaa 2 kertaa korkeussuunnassa ja videossa aloitamme piirroksen 6. kerrokselta, työn nurjalta puolelta. Tämä peitto on neulottu DROPS Eskimo-langasta ja videossamme neulomme kyseisellä langalla. Lue lisäksi kyseinen ohje ja katso piirros. Löydät kyseisen ohjeen klikkaamalla alla olevaa kuvaa.

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Karen Delaney 03.09.2015 - 01:40:

My apologies. I am so used to yarn over wraps being done as part of the knit stitch that I missed them as being done independently. So it wasn't the last row of the pattern I was having an issue with it was the pattern row. My brain was having a discombobulation obviously - lol. All is good now and I know I didn't say it before but I do love your patterns. Would be even better if I could get your wool as well.

Karen Delaney 01.09.2015 - 11:14:

Whom ever it is demonstrating this pattern has not read the instructions. I watched the video a number of times thinking I had missed something but I hadn't. This demo drops both yarn over wraps from the next row instead of dropping just one and knitting the other. Knitting the way the video shows will result in 6 less stitches for each pattern repeat.

DROPS Design 01.09.2015 - 16:47:

Dear Mrs Delaney, on last row from WS in diagram we show in the video how to K 1st yo and drop 2nd yo = only 1 of the 2 yo's are worked, number of sts will be constant (compensated by the dec made on previous row). Happy knitting!

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