Comment tricoter A.1, DROPS 163-17

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Dans cette vidéo DROPS, nous montrons comment tricoter le diagramme A.1 de la couverture Mermaid Song, DROPS 163-17.
Nous tricotons 3 m lis de chaque côté et 2 fois A.1 en largeur. Nous avons déjà tricoté 2 fois A.1 en hauteur et commençons la vidéo par le rang 6 du diagramme, sur l'envers.

Cette couverture se tricote en DROPS Snow, et nous utilisons cette même laine dans la vidéo.

Il vous faudra également lire les explications et regarder le diagramme pour pouvoir suivre la vidéo. Vous trouverez ce modèle en cliquant sur la photo ci-dessous.

The video above can be used in the following patterns

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Karen Delaney wrote:

My apologies. I am so used to yarn over wraps being done as part of the knit stitch that I missed them as being done independently. So it wasn't the last row of the pattern I was having an issue with it was the pattern row. My brain was having a discombobulation obviously - lol. All is good now and I know I didn't say it before but I do love your patterns. Would be even better if I could get your wool as well.

03.09.2015 - 01:40:

Karen Delaney wrote:

Whom ever it is demonstrating this pattern has not read the instructions. I watched the video a number of times thinking I had missed something but I hadn't. This demo drops both yarn over wraps from the next row instead of dropping just one and knitting the other. Knitting the way the video shows will result in 6 less stitches for each pattern repeat.

01.09.2015 - 11:14:

DROPS Design answered:

Dear Mrs Delaney, on last row from WS in diagram we show in the video how to K 1st yo and drop 2nd yo = only 1 of the 2 yo's are worked, number of sts will be constant (compensated by the dec made on previous row). Happy knitting!

01.09.2015 - 16:47:

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