How to decrease by crocheting 2 trebles together

In this DROPS video we show you how to decrease by crocheting 2 treble crochet (tr) together to 1 tr.

Crochet to the point where you want to decrease then work as follows: Work 1 tr in first st but wait with last pull through, work 1 tr in the following st, but on last pull through, pull thread through all 3 loops on the hook.

You must read the pattern and look at the chart to be able to follow. You’ll find a pattern using this tehcnique by clicking on the picture below.

The video above can be used in the following patterns

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Paulina wrote:

I agree w Anita. I am trying to do the Insolence pattern and it is not written for English. I cannot follow it. Is there a video tutorial or a better written pattern?\r\nPaulina

18.04.2021 - 04:34

Anita wrote:

Jättebra video.....................MEN jag undrar mönster till den vackra ponchon det fattar jag inte har ni inte vanligt mönster skulle gärna vilja virka den Anita

29.11.2020 - 15:57

DROPS Design answered:

Hei Anita. Hvilken poncho mener du? Kan du henvise til hvilken oppskrift/oppskrifts nr, så skal vi hjelpe de så godt vi kan. mvh DROPS design

30.11.2020 - 08:59

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