How to knit short rows and pattern in DROPS 154-8

In this DROPS video we show how you knit the short rows and pattern on the Summer Snug circle jacket in DROPS 154-8.

In the video we casted on for size S/M (86 st) and already knitted 1 ridge in garter st.

Then we knit the pattern as follows:
(1st row = from RS): 5 sts in garter st, K 2, P 3, (turn here), K 2, A.1 (= 23 sts) (turn here), K 1, A.2A, A.2 B over the next 8-14-20 sts, A.2 C, K 2, (turn here), A.1(= 23 sts), K 2, P 3, K 2, 5 sts in garter st.
At the same time the short rows are knitted as described: * Work 1 row over the first 10 sts on row, turn and work back. Work 1 row over the first 35 sts on row, turn and work back. Work 1 row over the first 51-57-63 sts on row, turn and work back. Work 1 row over all sts, turn and work back *. Repeat from *-*
When short rows are repeated 1 time there are 8 rows at the widest and 2 rows at the most narrow.

This jacket is made in DROPS Paris, in the video we knit with DROPS Eskimo.

You must read the pattern and look at the charts to be able to follow. You’ll find the pattern by clicking on the picture below.

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Comments (7)

Anke Baumfalk 22.07.2018 - 22:14:

Hallo, ich stricke diese Jacke in S/M und in der Anleitung ist beschrieben, dass man in der zweiten verkürzten Reihe 35 Maschen strickt und dann wendet. In dem Video sind es aber nur 25 Maschen, also A1 plus die 2 rechten Maschen vorweg. Wie viele Maschen sollen es denn nun sein?

DROPS Design 23.07.2018 - 09:21:

Liebe Frau Baumfalk, im Video werden bei der 2. verkürzten Reihen 35 M gestrickt, dh wie in der Anleitung: 5 M kraus rechts, 2 M re, 3 M li, (hier wenden bei der 1. verkürzten Reihen), 2 M re, A.1 (= 23 M) (hier wenden bei der 2. verkürtzten Reihen). Viel Spaß beim stricken!

Monica 18.03.2018 - 14:43:

Salve, Non riesco ad accedere al video. Clicco ma non parte. 🤔 grazie

DROPS Design 21.03.2018 - 13:56:

Hi, Thank you for your information, now the videos works again :)

Ilona SAAD 30.11.2017 - 05:38:

There is no sound

DROPS Design 30.11.2017 - 08:50:

Dear Mrs Saad, Our videos do not have sound. We are a worldwide company and our videos are watched by people around the world, speaking different languages, many of whom do not understand English. We have therefore written instructions to accompany this video, and there is no sound to disturb while watching. Enjoy!

Pamela Franks 03.08.2017 - 22:20:

The video has helped, but I still am unsure what she is doing on the 7th row, where all 86 sts (size S/M) become involved. Chart A.1 is used twice in this row. The first time, near the beginning of the row, we are on Row 5 of that chart A.1 When she begins Chart A.1 for the 2nd time on this row of knitting, which row is she doing on the chart? Row 5 as earlier on the needle, or Row 1, beginning a new column of the lace pattern from the start?

DROPS Design 04.08.2017 - 09:20:

Dear Mrs Franks, When you work row 7 (= 1st row from RS over all sts), follow diagram as they have to be worked, ie 1st A.1 at beg of row from RS = work row 5 in diagram on this row 7, but work 1st row of A.1 at the end of row. Follow each diagram separately, ie you will have more repeats in height in 1st A.1, and less repeats in last A.1. Happy knitting!

MKR 15.06.2016 - 23:43:

Hallo, ich komme leider weder mit der gedruckten Anleitung noch mit dem Video zurecht. Anleitung und Video scheinen nicht übereinzustimmen. Wo steht, dass man am Anfang immer 5 M kraus stricken soll? Wieso wird im Video in der 3. Reihe Muster A1 gleich zwei mal gestrickt? Auch das steht nicht im Text! Ich bin eine erfahrene Strickerin, aber hier sehe ich schwarz. Gibt es eine vollständige, ausführliche Anleitung?

DROPS Design 06.07.2016 - 12:42:

Hallo MKR, auch in der Anleitung sind die 5 M kraus rechts erwähnt. Wir zeigen im Video wie Grösse S/M gestrickt wird.

Marianne Dagerot 17.03.2015 - 22:22:

Videofilmen som beskriver vändningar är mycket bra. Den löste mitt problem att hitta rätt i mönstret.

Paula Saridakis 02.06.2014 - 19:45:

Hello, I live in Greece and I found this video very useful. i was very comfused about the pattern, but i saw the video and now i've knitted the one side of the circle jacket. Thanks for the help.

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