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When you crochet stripes, or want to change color, this his how you do it; when working the last stitch with the old color wait with the last pull through. Take new color and now pull trough. Tighten the old thread. Turn work with a ch and keep working with the new color. If there is a longer distance between the stripes make sure to twist the new color around the previous one when you reach the edge, so that the old color follow the side of your work until you will use it. If this is a sweater the threads will run along the inside of side seam, if it's a potholder, you can make a crochet edge around the potholder afterward to cover the treads along the edge.

The video above can be used in the following patterns

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Birgitta Svaneblom 09.08.2019 - 10:42:

Hej Skulle vara snyggt med en bård funt pläden

Mariaeva Garland 26.03.2012 - 06:35:

Love your video. Can you add one video instructing the second color yarn in several points of the same line for an afghan? Thank you.

DROPS Design 17.10.2014 - 15:55:

Dear Mrs Garland, please click here to see how to crochet different colours on a same row. Happy crocheting!

Ourania 18.03.2012 - 18:58:

It would be better if there was a voice to give direccions during the video

DROPS Design 17.10.2014 - 15:51:

Dear Ourania, Our videos do not have sound. We are a worldwide company and our videos are watched by people around the world, speaking different languages, many of whom do not understand English. We have therefore written instructions to accompany this video, and there is no sound to disturb while watching. Happy crocheting!

Ati 15.02.2012 - 16:27:

I wish you have stripe crochet demonstration on double crochet stitch (USA) I'm still confuse

DROPS Design 17.10.2014 - 15:58:

Dear Ati, please click here to see how to start a new round / row with a new colour or here to start a new colour in the round (make last yo and passing through with the new colour). Happy crocheting!

Joelle 04.09.2011 - 09:29:

Merci beaucoup vos videos m ont vraiment aidé

MARGARET PYE 13.07.2011 - 11:47:

The videos are great,just what is needed,just like a night class really pleased,Thanks to everyone.


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