How to cast off with i-cord casting off.

In this DROPS video we show how to cast off with i-cord casting off that is for example, used in the shawl in DROPS 190-15. Work and cast off as follows: * Knit 2 stitches, the next 2 stitches are knitted twisted together. Push the 3 stitches from the right needle back onto the left needle (in the same order) *, repeat from *-* until all stitches on the left needle have been cast off and there are 3 stitches left on the right needle. Push the stitches onto the left needle and cast them off with knit.

This shawl is crocheted in DROPS Flora, but in the video we work with a thicker yarn; DROPS Eskimo.

You must read the pattern to be able to follow this video properly. You’ll find the pattern by clicking on the picture below.

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Have you ever reached the stop of a knitting sample and a regular bind off just does no longer sense like the proper pass? I was there this weekend. I was completing a cowl and that I wanted a bind off that complemented the pattern (brioche sew). Then, I idea lower back to a bind off me used a long-term ago on a child sweater I adored: the I-cord bind off!

Anna Maria 25.04.2018 - 10:07:

Molto jnteressante

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