How to crochet A.1, A.2 and A.3 in DROPS 170-41

In this DROPS video we show you how to crochet the charts A.1, A.2 and A.3 for the carpet in DROPS 170-41. We already worked the first 3 rows in the video, and we work one repeat of the patterns in the height. We fast forward in some of the easier sections. The carpet is crochet in 2 threads DROPS Paris, but in this video we crochet with a thicker yarn, 1 strand DROPS Eskimo.

You must read the pattern to be able to follow this video properly. You’ll find the pattern by clicking on the picture below.

Tags: carpets, texture, zigzag,

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Anne Marie 25.10.2019 - 18:54:

In het patroon staat dat voor de kleinste uitvoering A.2 5 keer in de breedte moet worden gehaakt, echter op de afbeelding staat A.2 slechts 4 keer gehaakt..... Vind ik een beetje misleidend.

Kaja 20.01.2017 - 09:32:

Why does the video go so fast from 3.50? I don't really get the "x" part on the pattern if it goes too fast :)

DROPS Design 20.01.2017 - 09:52:

Dear Kaja, the easiest sections have been speed up, ie end of row 5 the same as for the beg the row, and on next row (row 6), you work 1 st in each st. Happy crocheting!

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