How to knit a star pattern

In this DROPS Video we show how to knit a beautiful star pattern.

We start the video with Row 1 (RS):
Row 1 (= RS): K 1 row.
Row 2 (= WS): K 1, * P 3 tog without lifting them off the needle, 1 YO, P 3 tog in same 3 sts and drop them off the needle, K 1 * repeat from *-* the entire row.
Row 3 (= RS): K 1 row.
Row 4 (= WS): K 3, * P 3 tog without lifting them off the needle, 1 YO, P 3 tog in same 3 sts and drop them off the needle, K 1 *, repeat from *-* until 2 sts remain, K 2.
Repeat rows 1 to 4.

You must read the pattern to be able to follow. You’ll find patterns with this technique by clicking on the pictures below.

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Comments (5)

Anna-Karin 05.12.2018 - 18:00:

Hur blir det om man vill sticka på rundsticka? Stickar man då allt avigt eller kan man göra motsvarande ihopstickning och ökning från rätsidan?

Henriette 08.03.2017 - 10:00:

Hvor mange masker skal det deles med?

DROPS Design 12.05.2017 - 14:28:

Hej Henriette, Hver stjerne strikkes over 4 masker. God fornøjelse!

Kirsten Jespersen 28.08.2015 - 12:58:

Jeg har lige set videoen om stjernemønster. Vil resultatet ikke blive det samme, hvis man strikker 1. Pind vrang og 2. Pind 3 ret sammen slå om og så en ret i de i 3 m. Jeg mener at det er nemmere at strikke ret sammen i stedet for vrang?

Jacqui Kelly 02.02.2015 - 02:21:

Is it just my computer or is there no spoken instructions ?

DROPS Design 02.02.2015 - 12:16:

Dear Jacqui. There are no sound on any of our videos. Our videos are watched by people around the world, speaking different languages, many of whom do not understand English. We have therefore written instructions to accompany this video, and there is no sound to disturb while watching :-)

Daniela Fittipaldi 10.11.2014 - 11:54:

Buongiorno volevo oltre a farvi i complimenti per il grande aiuto che ci date e per tutti i bellissimi modelli che ci ispirano, farvi notare che c'è un errore nel 1° rigo di lavoro voi avete scritto a rovescio ma si lavora a diritto, solo guardando il video lo si evince. Grazie

DROPS Design 11.11.2014 - 14:23:

Buongiorno Daniela. La ringraziamo della segnalazione. Il testo è stato corretto. Buon lavoro!

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