Raglan - diminuições pelo direito e pelo avesso da peça

Eis um exemplo de como diminuir para o raglan nos 2 lados pelo direito e pelo avesso da peça.
Diminuir da seguinte maneira pelo direito : começar 4 malhas (ms/pts) antes do marcador : 2 malhas tricotadas juntamente em meia, 4 malhas meia (o marcador está a meio dessas 4 malhas), deslizar 1 malha em meia, 1 malha meia, passar a malha deslizada por cima da malha tricotada.
Diminuir da seguinte maneira pelo avesso : começar 4 malhas antes do marcador : 2 malhas tricotadas juntamente em liga/tricô torcida (enfiar a agulha na alça de trás e não na alça da frente), 4 malhas liga/tricô, 2 malhas tricotadas juntamente em liga/tricô.

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Joan Hoffman 24.08.2017 - 20:03:

I am knitting men's pattern 0851 and having a problem understanding how to decrease for raglan sleeves . Is there a drecrease besides the raglan decrease before and after markers at different times?

DROPS Design 29.08.2017 - 12:26:

Dear Mrs HOffman, depending on the size you will have to decrease either only 4 sts (body or sleeve) or 8 sts (body and sleeve), adjust the dec from RS as well as from WS so that you will decrease on the right place, either before and after marker or only before marker or only after marker. Happy knitting!

Mira Ekstrand 25.07.2017 - 20:22:

Hej Jag ska göra en dubbel raglanintagning och undrar hur jag snyggast gör detta?Hittills har jag på höger sida före märktråden lyft 2m stickat 1rm och dragit de 2 m över den stickade maskan men jag får det inte snyggt på vänster sida om märktråden. Jag stickar allt på rundstickor (18 m/10 cm) och får glipor mellan raglanintagningarna och märktråden . Tacksam för hjälp! Mira

Aleida Hom 04.06.2015 - 17:44:

It concerns the Drops 153-35, model with short raglan sleeves. How to put back the sleeves on the same round needle as the knitted body.

DROPS Design 05.06.2015 - 10:07:

Dear Mrs Hom, please click here for the video showing how to put sleeves together on body. Happy knitting!

Aleida Hom 04.06.2015 - 17:38:

It concerns Drops 153-35. how to put the sleaves on the same needle as de knotten body.

DROPS Design 05.06.2015 - 11:23:

Hi Aleida. You can ask your question on the pattern itself. You can ask in Dutch too if you prefer.

Fruttaz 22.11.2014 - 08:09:

Merci et bravo à drops pr les explications bien claires qui m ont beaucoup aidé dans la réalisation de mes ouvrages et bien sur le site et les laines de bonne qualité et moins chères que dans les boutiques Un super site qui aide beaucoup et beaux modèles Merci beaucoup je suis complètement adepte Rita

Silvia 14.04.2013 - 21:04:

Muchas gracias por todo lo que ponen a disposición!!! gracias desde Argentina!!!!

Jess 08.11.2012 - 11:31:

That´s because there is no sound :-)

Ghyslaine 22.08.2012 - 18:10:

Could not hear her explain

DROPS Design 17.10.2014 - 15:17:

Dear Ghyslaine, our cideos do not have sound. We are a worldwide company and our videos are watched by people around the world, speaking different languages, many of whom do not understand English. We have therefore written instructions to accompany this video, and there is no sound to disturb while watching. Happy knitting!

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