How to knit false English rib on circular needles

In this DROPS video we show a method where we knit false English rib in the round on circular needle. We have already worked a few rounds so that the pattern appears better.

We start the video with round 1:
ROUND 1: * 1 st in garter st, 1 YO, slip 1 st as if to P *, repeat from *-* until 1 st remains, finish with 1 st in garter st.
ROUND 2: * 1 st in garter st, K tog YO and slipped st from previous round *, repeat from *-* until 1 st remains, finish with 1 st in garter st.
Repeat rounds 1 to 2.

GARTER ST (in the round on circular needle):
1 ridge = 2 rounds. * K 1 round and P 1 round *, repeat from *-*.

You must read the pattern to be able to follow this video properly. Youll find a pattern using this technique by clicking on the picture below.

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Comments (5)

Damaris 23.09.2017 - 19:59:

Liebes drops team, Ich bin von dem Video etwas verwirrt. In der Anleitung steht fr die 2. Runde in etwa ''1 M kraus rechts, den U und die folgende M rechts zus str''. Das zus str ist im Video klar erkennbar, aber was geschieht fr ''1 M kraus re''? Sollte das nicht eine einfache linke M sein, da ja in Runden gestrickt wird?

DROPS Design 25.09.2017 - 11:10:

Liebe Damaris, wenn man Kraus rechts in der Runde strickt, strickt man immer 1 Runde rechts, 1 Runde links - siehe auch hier. Viel Spa beim stricken!

Tina Hesselager 21.04.2017 - 09:09:

Efter min bedste overbevisning, s strikkes der p videoinstruktionen p 2. omg: *1 m VRANG, strik omslaget og den lse m fra forrige omg ret sammen* Og IKKE: * 1 m RETSTRIK, strik omslaget og den lse m fra forrige omg ret sammen *- som der str i den skrevne instruktion....?? Mvh Tina

Gunnlg Mrak 08.04.2017 - 08:50:

It will may be that Jo-Anne should use another video for that certain pattern, but her point remains! The video and the written instruction do NOT match. I even tried following the written instruction, assuming I might get a false brioche (falsk patentstickning in Swedish) anyway...

Jo-Anne 27.03.2017 - 11:03:

I'm a little confused with the video and written instructions. The video shows on the second row to knit tog the yo and slipped stitch and then the next appears to be a yo and purl and knit the next stitch? The written instructions just say to knit this stitch. I am currently knitting pattern 157-14 and have come across a similar problem with the written instructions for the rib on the circular needle. Can you please clarify thank you.

DROPS Design 28.03.2017 - 09:35:

Dear Jo-Anne, the video matching pattern DROPS 157-14 is this one below. Happy knitting!

Judite Bemposto 02.03.2017 - 13:28:

Boa tarde, pena no terem postado o vdeo do incio. Muito obrigada. Cumprimentos, Judite Bemposto

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