How to crochet A.5 and A.6 in DROPS 171-35

In this DROPS video we show how we work crochet charts A.5 and A.6 for the Harvest Love jumper in DROPS 171-35 (size S/M). We show the start, first corner and end of each round. This jumper is crochet in DROPS Nepal, but in the video we crochet with a thinner yarn, DROPS Karisma.

You must read the pattern to be able to follow this video properly. You’ll find the pattern and more videos by clicking on the picture below.

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Silvia 12.10.2016 - 14:38:

Salve vorrei vedere il video di questo maglione ma mi dice this video can\'t be player with your current setup

DROPS Design 12.10.2016 - 14:56:

Buongiorno Silvia. Verifichi di avere installata la versione più recente di Adobe Flash Player. Provi eventualmente anche a cambiare browser. Buon lavoro!

Yasmin Ahmad 27.09.2016 - 23:35:

I am not able to see the instruction videos . can you please let me what the problem is

DROPS Design 28.09.2016 - 09:42:

Dear Mrs Ahmad, Please make sure you have installed the newest version of Adobe Flash Player. If the problem persists, please take a look at Vimeo's FAQ.

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