DROPS♥You #2: 3.60 GBP /100 g

This edition of DROPS♥You comes in an exciting alpaca, wool and linen-blend!

DROPS ♥ You is a collective name for various exciting yarns that are not included in our standard line, but that we produce in a limited period. The qualities we introduce vary in content, spinning and yardage, but common to them all is that they are of the highest quality, spun from our best spinners and have a fantastic price!

DROPS♥You #2 is now available in select DROPS stores >>>

A delicious luxury yarn with a combination of the best properties from three of the finest fibers; Alpaca represents the softest of the soft, Wool makes the yarn more durable, and Linen provides an exciting rustic look and creates a tweed-like and fine texture.

You will ♥ the price: Only 3.60 GBP per 100 g skein!

See the pretty color card here >

Posted on 15.10.2012 under Collections