DROPS Big Delight + DROPS Kid-Silk

DROPS Kid-Silk 09, light lavender + DROPS Big Delight 02, summer meadow

Looking for a yarn combination that results in soft garments and good shape stability? Then you can try combining 1 thread of DROPS Big Delight and 1 thread of DROPS Kid-Silk.

The sample shown combines DROPS Big Delight 02 and DROPS Kid-Silk 09, for a result that has smooth colour transitions, a light brushed look and belongs to Yarn Group D.

The knitting tension resulting of this combination is 14 sts = 10 cm in width, using needle 7, which is a perfect fit for our Yarn Group D patterns. Just make sure to always follow the knitting/crochet tension indicated in the pattern.

Patterns you can make with this combination