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The Meadow - Send us your pictures!

"The Meadow" Crochet-Along might have finished in July but we continue to see gorgeous versions of the final blanket online. And this is why we decided to make a gallery with all your beautiful projec... (Read more)

Posted on 03.11.2016 under Crochet-A-Long

Replace AlpacaClassic with Puna

It`s easy to substitute yarn! Here is a sample that shows how it looks when you substitute 1 strand of DROPS AlpacaClassic with 1 strand of DROPS Puna. Find patterns where you can use this yarn ... (Read more)

Posted on 18.08.2016 under Yarn alternatives

The Meadow - Clue #16

We have reached the last 3 rounds of our blanket, which will create a lovely, wavy edge and put an end to the mystery... We hope you have enjoyed all the clues as much as we have, learning new ... (Read more)

Posted on 10.07.2016 under Crochet-A-Long

The Meadow - Clue #15

We are almost at the end of our blanket and this new edge creates a lovely ombre effect with 5 rounds of small stitches. So it's just a matter of getting started and have fun! See the previous ... (Read more)

Posted on 04.07.2016 under Crochet-A-Long

The Meadow - Clue #14

It wouldn't be the most beautiful meadow without any tulips in it! So with this new clue we go 4 rounds around our blanket to add a lovely flower detail. Just follow the diagrams - it's not diffic... (Read more)

Posted on 29.06.2016 under Crochet-A-Long

The Meadow - Clue #13

This new clue consists of 6 crochet rounds that will add a beautiful trio of displaced fan patterns to the edge of our blanket. You already know all the techniques we will be using - enjoy! See... (Read more)

Posted on 21.06.2016 under Crochet-A-Long

The Meadow - Clue #12

It's time for the 4th edge on our blanket, which consists of 6 rounds using easy and well known crochet techniques, resulting in the most pretty stripes - enjoy! See the previous clues here! S... (Read more)

Posted on 14.06.2016 under Crochet-A-Long

The Meadow - Clue #11

Our blanket keeps growing and with clue #11 we get into the 3rd edge which consists of 7 rounds. Do not be worried, it is the same two techniques that we have used before and the result is 3 beaut... (Read more)

Posted on 07.06.2016 under Crochet-A-Long

The Meadow - Clue #10

We have reached clue #10 in our DROPS Mystery Blanket CAL and we are making progress with our edges! This 2nd edge clue consists of 4 rounds with different colors and techniques, to start build... (Read more)

Posted on 27.05.2016 under Crochet-A-Long

The Meadow - Clue #9

Here's the 9th clue for our Mystery Blanket CAL. And we have gotten far enough into our blanket that we can start to put our squares together! See the previous clues here! See the materials ne... (Read more)

Posted on 24.05.2016 under Crochet-A-Long