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Summer is here, which means is time to find a holiday project! So what about getting started on a big, coloful design? We have all the inspiration you need - including a brand new pattern - here.]]>
https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=14053&cid=19https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=14053&cid=19InspirationsTue, 19 Jun 2018 07:40:58 +0200
We continue to publish patterns from the DROPS Spring & Summer collection - what about adding one of these beauties to your crochet projects list? Find the new patterns here]]>
https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=14027&cid=19https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=14027&cid=19New PatternsMon, 18 Jun 2018 08:10:49 +0200
It's time for a summer party...
Celebrating this summer? We have handmade inspiration to make your party unique! Find the patterns here!]]>
https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=14026&cid=19https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=14026&cid=19InspirationsMon, 18 Jun 2018 08:06:39 +0200
Last clue online!
The 9th and last clue of the Magic Summer CAL is now online... Thank you for joining us once more, crocheting something together. It was so much fun! And we really look forward to seeing all your shawls completed! See clue #9 here Send pictures to our Gallery here!]]>
https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=14005&cid=19https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=14005&cid=19New PatternsWed, 13 Jun 2018 12:26:43 +0200
Sweet summer tops
In need of a new summer top? We have lots of lovely designs to inspire your needles! Find inspiration here]]>
https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=13989&cid=19https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=13989&cid=19InspirationsTue, 12 Jun 2018 08:06:01 +0200
Trendy summer tops
Halter tops, tank tops, crop tops and more... We have lots of free patterns to keep your summer wardrobe super trendy! Find inspiration here]]>
https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=13966&cid=19https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=13966&cid=19InspirationsFri, 08 Jun 2018 08:28:38 +0200
Here's clue #8!
The time of the week we all wait for is finally here! Time for a new DROPS-Along clue! Find clue #8 here!]]>
https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=13950&cid=19https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=13950&cid=19New PatternsThu, 07 Jun 2018 10:40:55 +0200
Vote for your favourite designs!
There's a new DROPS Autumn & Winter Collection in the making and we need your vote to help us decide which designs will become free patterns on our site! Excited? Vote here!]]>
https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=13890&cid=19https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=13890&cid=19CollectionsTue, 05 Jun 2018 11:11:23 +0200
New summer bag?
Spice up your Summer look with a trendy crochet bag! We have lots of patterns to choose from - and they are all free! Find your favourite here.]]>
https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=13875&cid=19https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=13875&cid=19InspirationsFri, 01 Jun 2018 08:23:49 +0200
It's time for clue #7
Clue #7 is now online and we are getting closer to the end! See it here Haven't joined the Crochet-Along yet? You are still in time! Find all the information you need at dropsalong.com Quick with your needles? Don't forget to tag the pictures of your shawl's progress with #dropsalong #magicsummercal - and to send them to the CAL gallery!]]>
https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=13853&cid=19https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=13853&cid=19New PatternsWed, 30 May 2018 10:16:03 +0200