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We continue to publish designs from the DROPS Autumn & Winter collection and today is the time of 15 new patterns for hats, balaclavas, neck warmers, headbands and more. Find the new patterns here See the collection here]]>
https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=21459&cid=19https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=21459&cid=19New PatternsFri, 24 Sep 2021 11:52:03 +0200
Lovely in DROPS Melody
Have you tried DROPS Melody? This fluffy, mohair-like yarn is a big favourite among DROPS fans, and perfect for the coming, colder season... Thinking about giving it a try? Then make sure to take a look at all the free patterns we have available - including 6 new designs from the DROPS Autumn & Winter collection! Find the patterns here]]>
https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=21445&cid=19https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=21445&cid=19New PatternsTue, 21 Sep 2021 10:38:21 +0200
Dreamy in DROPS Wish
Wonderful news! ✨ We have just published on our site lots of new designs for sweaters, jackets and accessories in the wonderfully soft, DROPS Wish 😍 Find the patterns here See all the colours in DROPS Wish here]]>
https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=21429&cid=19https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=21429&cid=19New PatternsFri, 17 Sep 2021 09:15:42 +0200
Cosy and warm
Keep your kids warm this winter with all the beautiful new patterns for accessories available on our site! You’ll find hats, headbands, mittens and many other lovely projects in sizes from 2 to 12 years old. See the patterns here]]>
https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=21411&cid=19https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=21411&cid=19New PatternsWed, 15 Sep 2021 11:20:01 +0200
New men patterns!
There’s a brand new men’s catalogue available on our site, and in it you’ll find lots of new patterns for jumpers, jackets and slipovers. There’s designs in lots of different yarns and styles and for every skill level! See the catalogue here]]>
https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=21393&cid=19https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=21393&cid=19New PatternsTue, 14 Sep 2021 11:22:26 +0200
New patterns online
We continue to publish patterns from the DROPS Autumn & Winter collection, and today we have for you 7 wonderful new jacket and jumper designs in DROPS Alpaca Bouclé, DROPS Merino Extra Fine, DROPS Nepal and DROPS Sky - can you pick a favourite? Find the patterns here]]>
https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=21377&cid=19https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=21377&cid=19New PatternsFri, 10 Sep 2021 10:22:14 +0200
It’s SALE time!
The summer might be ending... but the sale continues! ☀️ Starting today and until October 8th you'll get 30% discount on DROPS Baby Merino, DROPS Cotton Merino, DROPS Merino Extra Fine, DROPS Muskat, DROPS Paris and DROPS Safran 🥳 Hurry up and order your favourites here!]]>
https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=21362&cid=19https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=21362&cid=19SalesWed, 08 Sep 2021 12:09:12 +0200
Beautiful tweed
Great news - we have just published 6 new patterns that you can knit with our newest yarn, DROPS Soft Tweed! 🥳 We hope these new designs inspire you to try the yarn, if you still haven't - you'll find it's warm, soft and has a lot of lovely colours! Find the patterns here See all the colours available here]]>
https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=21342&cid=19https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=21342&cid=19CollectionsMon, 06 Sep 2021 13:29:54 +0200
Lovely hats
The new DROPS Autumn & Winter collection is filled with gorgeous new designs for hats in different styles. You’ll find beanies, berets, bucket hats and more - perfect to keep you warm and stylish this autumn. Find the free patterns here]]>
https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=21328&cid=19https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=21328&cid=19New PatternsFri, 03 Sep 2021 11:06:37 +0200
Cosy vests
Planning on wearing any vests this coming season? 🤔 Then don't miss out on all our beautiful new vests patterns. You’ll find designs for adults and children in different shapes and styles, perfect to add a layer of warmth to your everyday wardrobe! Find these vests and many more here]]>
https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=21314&cid=19https://www.garnstudio.com/post.php?id=21314&cid=19New PatternsWed, 01 Sep 2021 10:47:35 +0200